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  1. My taycan code do you like it or not

    I have the insulated glass on my Cayenne, no issues with cell reception or toll transponders. It makes a huge difference to the heat in the cabin as well, if you live somewhere warm, it is well worth the price.
  2. LED Matrix Headlights

    The Department of Transportation has written the final rules for matrix/laser lights for the US. Of course they are different than EU rules and most companies are trying to decide if they should bother to code them on for the US, or just leave them as is. I believe the max lumens is lower in...
  3. A Taycan crashed and burned in China, a couple died inside the car due to door cannot be open from outside

    If people were around, why didn't someone break out a window to try and save the couple? Not sure how hard it would be to break the glass, but surely a rock or something could have been used. If the fire was already large, then I can understand, otherwise it seems as though there was a...
  4. Taycan and EV's on the road US vs EU

    Texas has a surprisingly high BEV take rate, especially in the cities. I live in Austin, and see countless Teslas, many Mach E, quite a few Ionic 5 and Kia EV6, a fair number of Lucid and Rivian as well. That said, while there are a good number of Taycan around, I see maybe 1 per week, always...
  5. Recent California heat wave and grid crisis - a personal perspective on EVs giving back their power to grid emergencies

    It's funny, and I know you said not always the case, but I am the one (woman) who convinced my computer engineer husband to install the battery backups on our solar panel system. We are in TX, our grid is horrible and ERCOT is especially bad. Looking at my Tesla app, the Powerwalls have had...
  6. Per request, a mini review of the Variable Light Control VLC roof

    So, I removed this option from my 4S CT for 1 reason, and it is the cost to replace these. I also have a BMW iX M60 on order, it comes standard with this type of panoramic roof, although it is either clear or opaque. A person on a FB group for the iX took a rock to the roof, it is cracked...
  7. MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    I decided to go ahead and switch to Mamba Green, leaving the red calipers. Should be here in January, but realistically who knows if that will hold. Thanks for your input.
  8. My Taycan order options - thoughts?

    Dropping the 2+1 seat means you get a 60/40 folding rear seat split instead of 40/20/40, which is handy. It is the entire reason I have the 2+1 on my build. If it is hot where you live, keep the thermal/acoustic glass, it makes an enormous difference to cabin heat, have it on my Cayenne in...
  9. MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Did anyone leave the red brake calipers on their Mamba Green? I am debating changing my color over, but having to spend another $900 on gloss black brake calipers seems a bit excessive (this is for a 4S CT build).
  10. Women Taycan Owners?

    I have a 2023 4S CT on order, should be here January. It will be replacing my '20 Cayenne E Hybrid, which I will pass along to my husband for his commuter. I have 2 kids, used to work in auto insurance (was a claims adjuster).
  11. Members Say Hello Here!

    Yes Porsche North, SA is Nick Gentile. I had purchased my Cayenne from Brandy Diaz, she was awful (unresponsive, never returned emails or phone calls) and had been assigned my Taycan allocation at the new South Austin dealer, so I had to involve the Sales Manager. Christian was awesome and so...
  12. [SOLVED 09.07.2022, Europe] Porsche Connect Network Problems [3rd UPDATE!]

    This happens in my Cayenne E Hybrid fairly often, which means I lose the ability to pre-condition and set charging times. Most of the time, the simplest fix is to sync your MyPorsche App while sitting in your running car. That fixes my lack of connection issues 90% of the time, the other times...
  13. Anybody in Austin, TX?

    I am waiting on my allocation for a 4S CT, Porsche (North) Austin told me it should come in around January, but Track Your Dream shows my option lock early October, so hoping that is correct. I am out in Leander, currently driving a '20 Cayenne E Hybrid.
  14. Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello, just registered so I can comment, but have been reading the boards for about a month now. I am also active over on Rennlist and Bimmerpost, same user name. I am next in line for a 4S CT allocation at my dealer, they are estimating it will come up in January '23. I have it on MyPorsche...