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  1. pnw-ev-nerd

    Turmoil at VW: Porsches Postponed by Buggy Software Cost VW’s CEO His Job

    I adore my 4S CT overall, but the software issues in the car, in the app, and on the backend are so very very bad that I think that shitcanning the CEO doesn't go far enough. There is surely an entire chain of management and executives that need to be thrown out the door and replaced by...
  2. pnw-ev-nerd

    Turmoil at VW: Porsches Postponed by Buggy Software Cost VW’s CEO His Job

    I sure as hell hope not. I want Google as far away from me and my things as possible. Unless they completely strip all Google services and frameworks such that they can't siphon up and sell my data or volunteer my driving or search history to law enforcement en masse based on keyword or...
  3. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist 101

    Not yet, but I JUST got the car back after a week and a half of PPF getting done. During that time at least the SOS light turned green, still no luck with remote access auth tho
  4. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist 101

    That's crazy. When I went to add my account/profile in the car, it ONLY asked for the name, there was nowhere to enter a password or PIN or pairing code or anything. It's almost as if it's only a name for a local profile, not actually doing any sort of authentication with any internet based...
  5. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist 101

    Whoops! Drove off with the light still blinking red and my SA saying they would be surprised if it didn't go to green after a few days. Which, of course, it did not - it's still blinking red. Tried switching profiles, making sure privacy mode isn't enabled, deleting my profile and logging back...
  6. pnw-ev-nerd

    How exactly do you activate Innodrive?

    It might be your foot on the accelerator pedal as you try to adjust the speed - I noticed ACC/PID doesn't like to change the set speed when I'm touching the pedal at all. Which is kinda weird and annoying but easy enough to get used to, probably.
  7. pnw-ev-nerd

    Got pulled over today…

    Damn, I wonder how cars with rotary engines were handled with that limitation!
  8. pnw-ev-nerd

    Definitive Cross Turismo Delay/Stop-Order/Held in Port Thread

    My 4S CT arrived at the dealer yesterday, but my SA says there is a bracket for an audio system component (I specced Burmester) that makes a rattling noise, so Porsche re-engineered it, which means we're waiting on that part now before we can take delivery. SA thinks and hopes it will happen...
  9. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Deliveries

    I saw my car arrived at the dealer today, so I drove over and had my breath taken away by it, even in this fresh-off-the-truck condition! Neptune Blue looks so damn good in person. Waiting on a part sadly, so won't be taking it home this week. Hoping for late next week..
  10. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Deliveries

    Aw damn, mine still shows port processing. Hopefully I'm not stuck waiting on a Burmester amp or anything like that!
  11. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Deliveries

    Same here! That's almost TOO soon, now I gotta apply for a car loan and get an appraisal on my Cayman that I'll be trading in. Not that I'm complaining!
  12. pnw-ev-nerd

    Brand new 4S consistently only getting 210 miles a charge?

    May be totally normal for new Taycans to have shorter range at first. From the manual: The vehicle has a braking recuperation system that feeds most of the braking energy back into the high-voltage battery. In order to bed in the wheel brake, the recuperation system is deactivated briefly on...
  13. pnw-ev-nerd

    June 2022 Deliveries

    Yep, same here. Delivery date still much earlier than expected tho (6/17 to Bellevue)
  14. pnw-ev-nerd

    Issue with selling my GTS Targa 4 to Porsche dealer and ordering a Taycan 4s

    That's outrageous. Trade in a time of delivery, or sell privately for a high enough price to offset the tax break. They're the one that's hurting for inventory, so you're the one with the leverage here. Don't fall for that crap. But, be realistic about how long it will take just to secure an...
  15. pnw-ev-nerd

    2020 Taycan Turbo vs. Laguna Seca w/Hooked on Driving [Lap Data & Impressions Added]

    I feel the same way about my Cayman, and I'm glad to hear a similar sentiment about the Taycan! Hopefully, just a few months more until mine is delivered..
  16. pnw-ev-nerd

    Gravel/road debris causing damage to side skirts and bodywork

    I'm not saying this has reached such a point, but there comes a point where concern about cosmetic wear and tear in wheel wells and black plastic trim becomes excessive. Put another way - why would someone apply paint protection film over something that isn't painted?
  17. pnw-ev-nerd

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    What, no tritium love in here?? and the whole (working) collection:
  18. pnw-ev-nerd

    Taycan CTS v 911 Track Shootout by Fifth Gear's Jason Plato

    What the heck is a "Taycan CTS"? Cross Turismo (4)S? Please no more redundant acronyms!