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  1. Taycan 4S vs GTS

    I’ve seen a 3.3 somewhere on YouTube.
  2. Taycan 4S vs GTS

    Nope I definitely didn’t need to convince myself it was faster. It was 100% noticeable especially in comfort mode. I mean the gts does have an extra 200nm so that’s gonna be noticeable. If the gts felt no different I’d have been more than happy with a 4s but the gts just had that little bit more
  3. Taycan Sport Turismo GTS 24 hour test drive, some thoughts...

    Does the gts feel as quick as your m5?
  4. Taycan 4S vs GTS

    I had this dilemma, when drove the 4s I felt like I needed a bit more speed and it didn’t blow me away. Then test drove the gts and it was noticeable faster, you could feel it pull harder so it was a no brained for me. People say on paper there’s nothing in it blah blah. But real world it’s...
  5. Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Was looking on techarts website earlier and they said they’re working on performance upgrades for the taycan
  6. White vs Carrara White Metallic

    I went for metallic white as it just looked a bit more special with a sparkle up close. Here’s a pic, Mina looks like a pearl white up close
  7. CHALK Taycan Club

    I think the RS wheels look so much better in black, esp on crayon, the silver doesn’t go as well
  8. Salary sacrifice 4s vs Turbo

    When I drove the 4s it was quick off the mark but above 60 I was a little underwhelmed, esp as I’ve had a lot of quick cars, but it didn’t feel any quicker than a stage 1 Golf r I once had. For some this would be plenty but I felt spending this much on a car I needed more. Drove the gts and it...
  9. GTS ST is here!

    In reality both models are quicker than what it says on paper. I never pay much attention to that. I mean the gts has an extra 200lb torque which is def noticeable imo
  10. Speed camera alerts UK - possible?

    Waze is the best option. It will also show mobile cameras. It’s ages my skin multiple times, I never not have it on
  11. GTS ST is here!

    That’s interesting, I noticed quite a difference when I drove both
  12. GTS ST is here!

    Do you think it feels quicker than the 4s?
  13. Salary sacrifice 4s vs Turbo

    So mines a gts saloon £110k Net sacrifice £1136 I think
  14. Salary sacrifice 4s vs Turbo

    The £1100 is after the saving. So it’s something like £1800 before tax, then £1100 is actually taken from my take home pay
  15. GTS in gentian blue with crayon GTS interior

    Looks awesome. I love the wheels, so glad I specced them on my gts!
  16. Taycan GTS RS Spyder Wheels vs Mission E Wheels

    I’ve ordered rs spyder wheels on my gts. It was a no brainier, everyone has the e mission wheels so these will look different. Plus in black only on a gts makes them more rare
  17. My Ice Grey GTS is finally here!

    Do you have any pics in day light? I was tempted by ice grey for my gts but when metallic white
  18. New member ordered GTS Saloon

    I ordered my gts last week. Went for white metallic with the rs sypderwheels. It’s gonna be a long wait!
  19. GTS Orders UK

    My order got placed on Friday for a gts saloon and Porsche are saying around July next year
  20. Dolomite Silver Taycan GTS (UK)

    Looks good, race tex looks amazing, I’m glad I stuck with this instead of changing to leather now