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  1. Valen

    My taycan code do you like it or not

    +1 go TS or TTS Just to share my own experience. I was close to place an order for a decently specced CT4/RWD but got depressed by: - lack of performance (vs what i'm used to) - delivery dates - poor dealer experience I ended up I buying (at another dealer) a CPO 4S at 125k (1 year / 8k...
  2. Valen

    Taycan 4S vs GTS

    All in all the question will be for which one do they have an allocation because the differences between the 2 are not enough to wait 6+ month more :CWL:
  3. Valen

    Spotify PCM Integration /Post Software update

    On this screen, click on the 3 dots of the extreme lower right of the screen, you will access the options for the different sources. Scroll down until you find Spotify Settings, click on it and it should pop a QR code to link your spotify account to the car. If you have a message saying...
  4. Valen

    For those who own both Tesla and Porsche

    Same as above and i also remember that my Model 3P was 3 times less expensive than my Taycan. Was it 3 times worse? no
  5. Valen

    Taycan Sport Turismo GTS 24 hour test drive, some thoughts...

    Been driving a M3P for 3 years before having my sedan 4S one month ago (been driving 911, cayenne, BMW before so we have roughly the same background) I can confirm that everything that you experienced for the last 24 hours is what you will get. On top of this there s few things that I've...
  6. Valen

    Range at high speeds?

    Just made a 1000 km highway only trip (roughly 620 miles), at 150 km/h (90 miles) most of the time and could do 350km (220 miles) between each stop. 4S PB+ ok weather, no rain, little wind
  7. Valen

    Why can't my car initiate Spotify?

    Yes except that the PCM is unable to generate the QR code and ask me to try again later. I tried a zillion time for the last 2 weeks and still get the same error. So far tried: - to link spotify on the porsche app (working on the app but still get the QR code error on the PCM) - exit the car...
  8. Valen

    Why can't my car initiate Spotify?

    Got the same QR code error for spotify (apple music one worked flawlessly)
  9. Valen

    Battery Degradation

    Typical "sales" bullshit. They mix degradation and range which is not the same thing. Range is highly dependent on your driving style, weather, wind, temperature and such. Degradation affect range but primarily it's usually because the battery have suffer (lots of DC fast charge, let it...
  10. Valen

    Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    Same here it s working (fully updated 4s 2021 if it matters)
  11. Valen

    Your other electric vehicle

    Not a car but if some of you are into motorbike i highly suggest you to test drive an Energica Ribelle RS it's just mindblowing (and i'm a Ducati guy)
  12. Valen

    Overboost query on a 4S.

    Switched from a TM3P 2019 to a Taycan 4S a month and a half ago and i confirm that i've absolutely no regrets ;)
  13. Valen

    Taycan camping

    With an ICE it would look like a way to suicide yourself without a hose in the exhaust :giggle:
  14. Valen

    Taycan and EV's on the road US vs EU

    When you see how it's hard to get an allocation in US, for sure it's a more unique car :giggle: (sorry couldn't resist)
  15. Valen

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Damn i was starting to think i was the only one with those carbon wheels. PSCB isn't mandatory either on sedan (at least on 4s as i still have my red calipers)
  16. Valen

    I know another post about car mount, but this vent mount is good

    Guys i couldn't imagine so many of you would think there isn't enough screens already in the Taycan :CWL:
  17. Valen

    Build Critique: Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

    ACC is not that expensive. The reason why i suggest it is mostly for resale. If someone is looking for a taycan with ALK and/or Innodrive he ll be able to spec it if you have ACC. If you don't the retrofit isn't possible. I got the Burmester on my 4S. To be honest it's great but not worth the...
  18. Valen

    My2020 vs My2021

    Almost no difference so that's an easy choice. Congratulations ;)
  19. Valen

    Build Critique: Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

    Nice setup. You should spec ACC. (adaptative cruise control), it's not bad and will allow you later to order online ALK or Innodrive. Otherwise you will miss the needed sensor.
  20. Valen

    My2020 vs My2021

    The obvious choice would be the Turbo but don't forget to check the options to make sure you will not regret something (that can't be FOD)