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  1. NewPdude

    Additional dealer markups…??

    While at a friends birthday party in Tiburon CA I decided to stop in at the Porsche Marin dealership to check out the Taycan’s on the lot. There were five of them. One was a chalk 4S that had an MSRP of 131K. The dealership wanted 165K. The Taycan Turbo S CT on the lot was 223K and you had to...
  2. NewPdude

    Rear wheel steering in the Taycan

    Hello all! I’m approaching the change freeze point (3/31/22) and seriously considering adding rear wheel steering (or possibly the performance package) to the car. Just curious if this is a must have (never driven a car with it) and what it adds to the driving experience. Any feedback would be...
  3. NewPdude

    Just ordered a Taycan 4S

    Hello all!! New to the forum… just ordered a Taycan 4S on 1/28/22.. Already the tracker is showing a 2 week delivery delay from the original date. Just curious what the common trend is for Porsche since this is my first P car… Thanks