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  1. WalterG

    TSB: Brake Pedal Travel Perceived as “Too Long” Just Before the Vehicle Comes to a Standstill - July 22, 2022

    Me too. I’ve more or less adjusted to being very careful braking when going slow but it is still uncomfortable and not right.
  2. WalterG

    Official Porsche Announcement: PCM Update Coming to All Model Years w/ Faster Charging, Infotainment Improvements and Range Bump

    I'm considering buying the upgrade for plug & charge if it's not crazy priced. The configurator shows it at ~$1,600 so the retrofit will be more. If it's under $2,500 ish I'll seriously consider it. Even at that price in the cold light of day it's probably not worth it but I use EA on trips...
  3. WalterG

    First real OTA update for the Taycan 2020 and 2021 happening April 27th…

    MY20 4S - As far as I can tell, there has not been an OTA update for my car. I followed the instructions and have seen some minor differences in how the My Porsche app performs and some functionality changes. For my specific car it looks like this was, as others have pointed out, a backend...
  4. WalterG

    New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    What is the pressure sensor recall for?
  5. WalterG

    2020 Taycan 4S issues?

    My MY2020 has wireless Apple CarPlay. That was added in one of the big software updates.
  6. WalterG

    2020 Taycan 4S issues?

    I've had my MY2020 4S since Sept 2020. 14,000 miles and really happy with it. It's simply spectacular to drive. I've taken a few long roadtrips and it did great - plenty of space and comfortable and fun. 2020 issues include no plug&charge for EA chargers (but I don't find this to be a big...
  7. WalterG

    Electrify America findings

    I've taken four roadtrips in my MY20 4S from Boston to Durham, NC and have also had good luck with the "Charging NA" app. That's my go to charging app. I'll move to the new My Porsche app only after they remove the Charging NA app from the app store.
  8. WalterG

    Front passenger seat rattles - my fix

    That's great news - thanks for the update.
  9. WalterG

    Performance package with 4S - Yea or Nay

    I have a 2020 4s with 14k miles and love the handling with the performance package. Not sure what’s in the performance package for 2022, but in 2020 it included PTV+, RAS, PDCC sport, Sport Chrono, and Porsche electric sport sound. I don‘t know how the 4s would handle without, but with PTV+...
  10. WalterG

    How are the wipers?

    Based on my experience (in Boston): - overall pretty good wipers and automatic wiper sensor. I don't have MS experience, but they compare well to an Audi A6. - the tiny lever on the face of the stalk with which you can adjust the sensitivity is so-so. I find it causes the wipers to wipe when...
  11. WalterG

    Taycan Cross Country Trip Sets Record With Under 2.5 Hours Total Charging Time

    Here’s a scenario that abrp says would cost 2:30 in charging: - max speed set to 55mph (yawn) - efficiency 200 Wh/mi @65mph - charging stops set for Shortest Legs - start with 100% That’s a tall order. Maybe over inflated tires, climate control off, tailgating a semi the entire trip and a...
  12. WalterG

    Taycan 4S PBP: Speed vs. Range

    The range may be lower, but the smile's bigger! :)
  13. WalterG

    Rear Spoiler not deploying on Taycan 4S

    I think the spoiler only deploys in Range mode (slightly) and in sport plus (full) above a certain speed (50 or 60mph). In both cases it indicates on the main dash display.
  14. WalterG

    Front passenger seat rattles - my fix

    I absolutely love my TS4, but the interior rattles really bug me. The other posts on this site about fixing door rattles have been super helpful and my dealer has taken the doors apart to tape wires inside the door. That has all helped, but there has been one super annoying rattle coming from...
  15. WalterG

    Questions from Potential New Owner

    I live in Boston and have a MY20 4S that I've had since Sept 2020 - so one full winter. 1. Pre-heating works very well. The cabin gets nice and toasty and if you leave your seat heaters on, the seats will also get pre-heated. 2. The seat heaters work great. The steering wheel heat is...
  16. WalterG

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    80% each evening unless I expect to need more for a trip the next day. 99% of the time my commute and daily driving is under 50 miles. I charge to 95% - 100% for long trips, which I've done 4 or 5 times.
  17. WalterG

    New recall - brake issue

    That's great news - thanks! I (and others here) see a problem similar to what you experienced so appreciate the feedback.
  18. WalterG

    New recall - brake issue

    Thanks for the feedback on this as some others of us have similar issues. Could you please check whether regen braking is currently working for you (you can check by turning on the Power Meter on the center instrument cluster to see if regen occurs when you press the brake)? The reason I ask...
  19. WalterG

    you tube of my counter measures installation

    Wow - that's a gorgeous install and impressive system!