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  1. Kingske

    Apple Podcasts disappeared

    My apologies if this issue has already been discussed in another thread, but I did not find anything after a quick forum search. As soon as it became available, I installed the Apple Podcasts capability on my 2020 4S. It worked beautifully. A couple of days ago, the Podcasts link disappeared...
  2. Kingske

    Irrational trouble ahead for BEVs after Felicity Ace ship fire?

    I am concerned that the recent/current fire aboard the Felicity Ace may cause a knee jerk reaction affecting our daily lives as BEV owners. Would parking garages, insurance companies, condo associations, etc. not require additional restrictions or costs, regardless of what the Felicity Ace...
  3. Kingske

    Macan EV spy pics
  4. Kingske

    Summary of US Tax Credits for EVs

    Interesting summary of the current and emerging tax credits for EVs in the US:
  5. Kingske

    Two irritation points after a year of ownership…

    My MY2020 4S was delivered in October 2020. It therefore calls for an evaluation of my experience so far. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and I would do it again immediately. The car’s many delightful features have been praised in great detail on this forum and in the media at...
  6. Kingske

    Matte black RWD Taycan, anyone?

    This afternoon, I saw a new (temporary license plate) matte black RWD Taycan in town (Princeton, NJ). Looked cool. Owned by anyone on this forum?
  7. Kingske

    Where does Porsche source its batteries for the Taycan from?

    Does anybody know which company supplies the MY2020 Taycan batteries? Which country do those come from?
  8. Kingske

    Porsche will have different battery source from other VW brands
  9. Kingske

    Tesla superchargers open to other EVs this year Official: Tesla Superchargers Will Be Open To Other EVs This Year By: Mark Kane Does this mean that the company will switch to CCS Combo 1 plugs at Superchargers? Later this year, Tesla will open its proprietary...
  10. Kingske

    Range mode carries a 4S 330 miles (531 km) on the highway in the summer

    We went to a wedding in Baltimore last night. Given the somewhat rough reputation of downtown Baltimore where our hotel was (I apologize for my prejudice as the environment turned out to be quite lovely), I planned for my wife and I to drive down from Princeton in her ICE BMW. However, a...
  11. Kingske

    Taycan sales surge in the USA

  12. Kingske

    New Porsche EV smaller than the Taycan? Autocar quotes an unnamed Porsche engineer who revealed the news as saying The source adds that even though the decision to build this vehicle or not has yet to be made, Porsche would have the production capacity to accommodate...
  13. Kingske

    Usable portion of the Taycan's 93 kWh battery?

    InsideEVs recently published a comment on Bjorn Nyland - who I respect - testing the range of Audi's e-Tron GT: Towards the end, the article refers to Nyland's earlier range tests with a Taycan 4S and his observations that the...
  14. Kingske

    Grateful for the town's support of EVs

    The other day, I was looking for a parking spot at the local shopping center and saw to my delight a double row of EV-only parking spots, even without any charger near those spots. Turns out that my town (Princeton, NJ) is reserving dedicated EV parking spots in parking lots, parking garages...
  15. Kingske

    Trying Range mode after WMA5 update

    I typically drive in Nomal mode, occasionally in Sport mode (mainly to impress passengers while accelerating), and seldom in Range mode. Since several forum members described a changed car behavior in Range mode post-update, I decided to try Range mode again today on my 88 miles (142 km) run to...
  16. Kingske

    Joy and headache of charging in warmer weather

    Today, the New Jersey temperatures reached the low 80's (in F, which is high 20's in C). I charged my car today and enjoyed the range-boost provided by warmer weather (see first picture): 263 miles at 80% SoC which translates in 329 miles (529 km) at 100%. Unfortunately, the warmer weather...
  17. Kingske

    NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue InsideEVs reported the NHTSA's investigation into the Taycan power loss issue.
  18. Kingske

    First Word

    Under considerable social pressure from @feye and @NC_Taycan , I launch(-controll)ed my car for the first time today after seven months of ownership. @NC_Taycan challenged me to report the first word I would utter while experiencing such a launch. In his case, it was "holy" followed by a...
  19. Kingske

    General Profile at 80% or 85%?

    When I got my MY2020 Taycan delivered in October, the Porsche-recommended SoC to charge the battery to on normal days (i.e. no long roadtrip shortly after charging) was 85%. If I am not mistaken, the forum members with MY2021 Taycans reported that for their cars the recommended SoC is now 80%...