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  1. Valen

    Do you have other EV's?

    Hi, out of curiosity do you have other EV besides the Taycan ? I don't have another EV "car" but i got an EV "motorbike" i think that counts ;) Eva Ribelle RS (which looks like this for those who aren't bikers)
  2. Valen

    Percentage not appearing in the car.

    Hi, just got my Taycan 4S and i ran into an issue. I had the message "error during a charge session" and now the pourcentage of battery left doesn't show anymore on the car (the power meter appear empty). I still have the range displayed. I tried to charge the car and it still charge as usual...
  3. Valen

    Just a thank you note

    Hi everyone, After a few Porsches (987 S, Cayenne 2S and 997 C4S convertible) i went electric in 2018 because it was the golden era of tax credit for compagny cars. Got a lease on a Model 3 performance that ended in July 2022. Long story short, i was very surprise to actually love this car...