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  1. SwissTaycan

    [North America] - this is getting embarrassing - Porsche nerfing/neutering the PMCC via OTA update?

    What I get about this post: Totally understandable that US owners are pissed off by this change. Porsche needs to refund them their money or provide an alternative to the PMCC so the charging experience is as initially advertised. In that sense I thought @daveo4EV post was too nice and should...
  2. SwissTaycan

    [North America] - this is getting embarrassing - Porsche nerfing/neutering the PMCC via OTA update?

    My PMCC had an update this morning when I unplugged that car. I now have software 3014 but can still charge at 32A. So seems limited to the USA.
  3. SwissTaycan

    Passenger Display functionality with ANA6 PCM update

    @KensingtonPark you go into the menu as follows: Displays ==> Passenger monitor ==> Display in rest (sleep?) mode ==> Media (instead of vehicle name as the other option) Sorry translating from German so might not have the right words in the English menu.
  4. SwissTaycan

    Passenger Display functionality with ANA6 PCM update

    Well what I think is new (or was there all along and did not realize it) is that instead of Taycan just being displayed there when the passenger seat is empty, you can get song titles. So just the song title and a hint of the album cover art. I thought that was better than just Taycan.
  5. SwissTaycan

    Porsche Taycan rear seat entertainment - anyone have it installed?

    I would also think you are better of buying iPads or tablets than these rather intrusive looking screens!
  6. SwissTaycan

    Range at high speeds?

    Can we start a new post: Fun at high speeds?
  7. SwissTaycan

    TSB: Brake Pedal Travel Perceived as “Too Long” Just Before the Vehicle Comes to a Standstill - July 22, 2022

    Have had that happen twice. In both cases I was creeping along barely moving with foot on brake (once entering a roundabout and once checking a hard to see intersecting road for others cars) when I had to stop. Felt like I pushed the brake pedal to the floor. It kind of felt like the car was...
  8. SwissTaycan

    Taycan to the Alps road-trip 2022

    Alas not “basic” prices by any stretch! I think only Bürgenstock close to Luzern tops them in all of Switzerland. P.S. Try the Japanese restaurant.. It is impressive although one is in the alps.
  9. SwissTaycan

    This is silly…

    I am sure if it was the other way around, someone would complain that it does not make sense. Personally I am sure Porsche thought: -Having the local speed as additional info in a different place makes more Sense -Keep the units you are familiar with in the place you are used to seeing it...
  10. SwissTaycan

    How to charge to 85%

    Well if you want to charge at night (when eletricity is cheaper in many countries) then you need a mix of profile and timer. Lots of instructions on this on the site.
  11. SwissTaycan

    Tax credits globally

    Ouch @tigerbalm that is pretty painful taxation!!!! The VRT and annual road tax (for a 911) is horrific! I think France is also pretty harsh on luxury cars!
  12. SwissTaycan

    Tax credits globally

    As US owners (or tax payers) are going to lose out on the $7.500 tax credit, I was just wondering what tax credits other international Taycan Forum members are or are not getting? In Switzerland there is/was: -a rebate on the purchase price. As it relates to me I or the car did not qualify...
  13. SwissTaycan

    Supply status letter and gift

    I received that when I signed the “deposit option letter” with dealer/Porsche before they had even released the car!
  14. SwissTaycan

    When are we expecting a Facelift? Porsche Taycan

    I would think the Panamera is going to die and be to expensive to electrify. The future of new revenue is SUVs and Porsche did announce something bigger than the Cayenne as a new model coming. Just googled it again (to make sure I was not dreaming)...
  15. SwissTaycan

    Park brake

    I was always told (and read here) that this a big no no and always PARK then OFF as @Lars says above. Almost sounds lucky that you have generally been parking on level areas as if this procedure not followed the car will roll after a few minutes as not intended/designed to hold unless P chosen.
  16. SwissTaycan

    12 Volt Battery Shortage

    Eh gad. When will supply chains get back to normal for all car producers. My Porsche dealer called me in July and said: we were just checking your winter tires and the back two are borderline — my first thought was…. seriously why are you calling me in summer/middle of a heat wave? They...
  17. SwissTaycan

    Official Porsche Announcement: PCM Update Coming to All Model Years w/ Faster Charging, Infotainment Improvements and Range Bump

    So will @DerekS be the first one to get this done (hopefully by tomorrow). I did not see any success message on the 13 pages of this post but might have missed it. Will figure this out when hopefully home this weekend as “trapped overseas” as the entire family got Covid on holiday.
  18. SwissTaycan

    OTA ONA6 failed to update

    Sorry it didn't work. For me ONA6 did not show up as an update until I happened to do a soft reset (the annoying Apple Car Play syndrome not working for a few days). When I did a soft reset it "found" ONA6 and some others updates and all worked fine for me. Software is such a lovely thing...
  19. SwissTaycan

    OTA ONA6 failed to update

    Soft reboot of PCM with two fingers on the top right and see if it works after that?? Or maybe ONA6 no longer works due to the big PCM update (which seems to have some similar - if not better and upgraded features compared to ONA6)?
  20. SwissTaycan

    Dash rebooted while driving

    I am having more problems with the PCM since the OTA update. I was also driving and tapped on the screen and the PCM crashed and said “loading guest“. It then rebooted but still had me logged in and not in guest mode. Ever since that happened it is like a crap shoot in the morning. Will...