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  1. Just bought a 21 Taycan Turbo S

    Hold down one of the Diamond icon buttons (one on steering wheel, one on driver's display). That will pop up a menu to let you customize the action. Also, I am obliged to say: RTFM. :)
  2. California small claims court over non-refundable deposit

    Do you happen to know if it has the 12v battery installed? That may prolong your wait if not. Worth considering.
  3. Just bought a 21 Taycan Turbo S

    Definitely maybe. It took them 3 weeks to do mine (before I took delivery). Some folks report having it back the same day, others considerably longer. Seems to be a crap shoot. General sentiment seems to be that newer model years take less time than older.
  4. Just bought a 21 Taycan Turbo S

    Porsche Barrington by chance? They seem to have a lot of buybacks - I also acquired mine through them. Definitely get the updates done as soon as you can. They not only improve the reliability of the PCM, but also have some tangible range benefits as well. Don't know the answer to your...
  5. Wireless Android Auto not working with my phone

    Try opening the Android Auto app on your phone, toggling wireless AA off, restarting your phone, then toggling wireless back on, then restarting again. This fixed the issue for me - wired AA would work fine, but wireless would never connect. After the above procedure I was able to connect...
  6. PCM Simulator got uPdated!

    I would not be surprised if this is a stable version of their own internal dev kit for their software teams to work on.
  7. Low Battery Key Fob Warning

    I used this video the first time:
  8. Low Battery Key Fob Warning

    There is a tiny tab at the tip on each side - push those tabs in and the sides will pop off relatively easily. Relatively.
  9. What options should I choose

    Based on your description of your usage, option 1 probably makes more sense. I would definitely prioritize the massage seats over the 4 zone climate though. I'd also just drop sport chrono.
  10. RWD or CT4 as a short term option

    Are you getting them both for the same price no matter what? I'd also say Q1 is not really that far off. Do you have an existing car?
  11. AC/Home Charging Issues ( both ports )

    My '20 Turbo is at the dealer for this exact same issue at the moment. They are planning to replace the onboard AC charger (their phrasing). Waiting on the parts at the moment, hoping they are here early next week. Same symptoms - AC charging didn't work on either side, but DC charging worked fine.
  12. My Porsche app no “Functions” access

    Try uninstalling/reinstalling? I don't currently see this issue, FWIW.
  13. My Porsche app shows NO charging stations?!

    I am seeing the same issue on Android. No charging stations shown. Definitely worked a day or so ago.
  14. Do you have tire insurance?

    What, really? I can't find any info on this from a quick search. Any link you can provide?
  15. Dumb question or Dumb dealer?

    I have a 2020 and after the uPdate, the icons are colored. Bring it back as they didn't finish the update.
  16. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    I had this issue and what I *think* fixed it was opening up the Android Auto app (not in the car) and toggling "Wireless Android Auto" on and back off, and then restarting my phone. That seems too easy to be true so not sure if that was actually the fix, but worth a shot.
  17. Trade-in values?

    Why is that "gross"? It's a car dealer; they buy and sell cars. You're already coming in, they're asking if they can make you an offer to buy your car. That seems...super reasonable.
  18. Battery Degradation

    Fair enough. FWIW - there were two different SoH values in the screenshot you posted - uppermost right and lowermost right.