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  1. WalterG

    Front passenger seat rattles - my fix

    I absolutely love my TS4, but the interior rattles really bug me. The other posts on this site about fixing door rattles have been super helpful and my dealer has taken the doors apart to tape wires inside the door. That has all helped, but there has been one super annoying rattle coming from...
  2. WalterG

    IOS15 update

    PSA - I upgraded to the new IOS version (IOS15) released yesterday and have had no issues at all with CarPlay or with my iPhone connecting to the Taycan. I didn't notice any meaningful changes, and have been able to run Waze and ABRP no problem.
  3. WalterG

    AC turns off when switching into sports+ mode

    I've recently noticed that the air conditioning shuts off (air still blows but it's not cold) when I switch from Normal to Sports+. I don't remember that happening previously - has anyone else experienced this? It happens when I have ECO AC on. The battery is not overly hot (83F) so I'm a...
  4. WalterG

    85mi drive comparing range - Range Mode going and Sport+ returning

    Yesterday my wife and I had a small project to do that was about 85 miles away so decided to experiment with two different driving styles there and back to compare range. This is certainly not a scientific study but here’s what I found. The drive is mostly flat, about 80% highway and the...
  5. WalterG

    A Return Taycan Roadtrip – 721 Miles Over 14 Hours — Experience and Range Results

    Yesterday I did the return trip from Durham to Boston – 721 miles over 14 hours. The Taycan is such a great long distance driver! It was me, my wife and two trunks full of luggage. Weather was about 30F departing Durham (6am) and about 55F when arriving in Boston. I have a 4S with 20” all...
  6. WalterG

    Our first Taycan roadtrip - 716 miles over 14 hours

    I drove 716 miles over 14 hours from Boston to Durham NC yesterday with my wife in our first long distance drive in our Taycan. We had a clear day and really had a pretty good experience. The Taycan is an awesome long distance driver – super comfortable and fun. The Bose sounds great and we used...
  7. WalterG

    PSA - New EA app is buggy

    FYI - I upgraded to the new Electrify America app. 1. my default credit card is shown as "card expired" with 00/00 as the expiration date. Can't re-enter the date to correct it. 2. can't add a new credit card. Just keeps reporting "please check your payment details and try again" 3. it...
  8. WalterG

    Battery temperature during driving

    Today I did about a 3.5 hour drive, mostly in range mode at 65-70mph. My battery temperature kept increasing - it started at 61F and by the end of the drive was at 87F. It was only 45F outside and I've done this drive several times and I think the battery temp is generally around 65F. I'm...
  9. WalterG

    White sure gets dirty!

    My Taycan is metallic white and gets so dirty so fast in bad weather - which we have a lot of in Boston. What do others think of ceramic vs wax? I wasn't originally considering ceramic but am now. I don't have any experience with ceramic - does it really allow just a rinse to take off road...
  10. WalterG

    Charging target creeping up

    Has anyone else seen this? I have been setting charging with a timer to 85% and it's actually worked fine. Until recently... About a week ago instead of charging to 85%, it went to 86%. I didn't really think much of that. Then over the past couple of overnight charges, it has crept up to...
  11. WalterG

    Taycan front trunk liner (frunk) from Suncoast review

    I purchased the Taycan funk liner from Suncoast for my 4S and am super disappointed. It doesn't really fit. Posting this so others know what they are getting. This sure doesn't seem to have been designed for the Taycan. The liner is about...
  12. WalterG

    Do you charge nightly?

    Reaching out to the collective wisdom here... What's the thinking on whether to charge each night or charge less frequently? I drive maybe 20 miles a day, so is it better for the life of the battery (ie to maintain a higher capacity for longer) to either: 1. Charge to 75% which gives me ~200...
  13. WalterG

    Anyone know what this symbol on the instrument cluster means?

    I've enjoyed my Taycan for a couple of weeks :) and this is the first time I'm seeing this symbol on the top right of the instrument panel. Can't find it in the manual so thought I'd see if anyone has an idea what it may mean? Thanks!
  14. WalterG

    Has anyone purchased the Car Security Package?

    It looks like this optional Car Security Package is a lo-jack like service. Has anyone ordered it or have any experience with it? Do people think it would contribute meaningfully to phantom drain?