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  1. Taycan Sport Turismo GTS 24 hour test drive, some thoughts...

    Colour is so so wrong, it's like the car has spanx on. Kinda like it tho, but imagine trying to sell it later
  2. Bored of waiting

    Possibly. I think it's also a function of never using credit on cars before, and classically I've never liked death by a thousand direct debits, especially if a storm may arrive. Although that could be sorted by just buying it cash as a company asset. My initial point is that I'm over swooning...
  3. Bored of waiting

    Very good point, the financial agility in the business is very important. Truss can do very little other than drop the VAT to 15% and keep the money flowing. Canceling the corp tax increase doesn't help the average "mondeo man" and if profits are down anyway the corp tax is negligible. At 25%...
  4. Bored of waiting

    Yeah those of you who are self employed know that it's a complex equation, it's not as simple a "how much of my monthly wage do I want to sacrifice". As you say, once the giddy enthusiasm goes you can be more objective. In the UK we can buy them via company pre tax, effectively cutting the cost...
  5. Bored of waiting

    Dat grille tho :o)
  6. Bored of waiting

    Yeah I've mistitled it really. It's more in the long gap between the deposit and it arriving a lot can change. However similarly I'm thinking a more utilitarian road car for half the money, and weekend car fund gets a bump.
  7. Bored of waiting

    Yeah I knew the score with the wait, and I also suspected that I might not last the duration. | race caterhams for my main car kicks, and also have Alfa 4cheese and 911 GT3 for road stuff. If we do have a financial winter, and I'm luck enough to weather it ok, then I'd be tempted to scoop up...
  8. Bored of waiting

    Yeah sage words. As a small business owner it's hard to predict what the markets and therefore income will look like. If the rates rocket then the monthlies for the car that so many live by will jump too. I suppose the question is "is this £136k EV going to be an unwelcome liability next year"...
  9. Bored of waiting

    You're right, it's more complex than just the timeline. Economy is shifting at the moment, who knows what's happening in a years time. I suppose this is exactly the point of the BoE rates increase to make people second guess big purchases. Doesn't change the fact that the BIK makes it a very...
  10. Bored of waiting

    Ok I'll admit I'm being impatient for the Taycan, but having already waited 6 months starting to have buyers remorse creep in. Interest rates on the rise will mean mortgage cost rising. Not going to do anything right now, but do wonder if when I get the call to lock in the order I'll actually...
  11. Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    Early Feb order for GTS ST, #8 on the list at the dealer, but only one car allocated this year. However I'm not expecting it until march 2023 anyway, and that works with the house renovation I'm doing.
  12. RWD traction control off - driving experience?

    Same is true for the GTS, turning the PSM off does give you a more direct and honest connection with the car. Just be sure that you're driving within your limits and know you have capacity in hand to deal with what may come.
  13. Porsche Driving Experience @ Silverstone, UK - quick review

    Just got back from my free day at the SEC in a GTS ST. Initial impressions on the car were mixed, stonking straight line performance and wickedly sharp helm, but on the low traction surfaces with the traction control in what i was told was 'off' it was a world of grabbing brakes slapping down...
  14. Which interior to go with Ultra Violet?

    My GTS is black with crayon stitching
  15. Is it odd for shop foreman to take my car home?

    Can see why they'd done it, but personally wouldn't be comfortable with it especially with no notice.