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  1. Charging route planner advice

    Look again - ABRP can be set up with ANY starting or ending SOC, waypoints, avoiding or "favoriting" any specific charger(s), filtering by charger type and even weather information to provide your desired routing....
  2. Taycan Sport Turismo GTS 24 hour test drive, some thoughts...

    Taycan ST is a beautiful car, for sure - congrats! As far as the comparison with your current Tesla Model 3 - I should certainly hope it's nicer, for twice (or more) the price. You're very fortunate to be in a position to get one - enjoy it!
  3. Electrify America - Redesigned labels coming to charging stations

    Exactly - it's almost as if they don't care whether the "improvements" actually improve things or not... (shrug)
  4. Taycan owner buys Genesis GV60 Performance. Please don't hate me. :)

    Looks great, IMO - congratulations! While the highway range is a bit disappointing, the fast charging speeds at least partially compensate. It’s on our shortlist too. Enjoy!
  5. BMW I4 M50 test drive

    No doubt about that - it’s plenty capable, just not as much fun as it might have been. I’m sure the inevitable “Full M-car” BMW EV will address the fun factor aspect.
  6. BMW I4 M50 test drive

    Had a quick test drive of an i4M50 a while back. Takeaways: It's a nice car. Slightly smoother and quieter than my TM3, but also not as much fun to drive. Interior quality is "fine", IMO - nothing super special. Personally found all the colors and splashy graphics of the iDrive system to be...
  7. When Idiots Attempt an EV Road Trip
  8. When Idiots Attempt an EV Road Trip

    Interestingly, in mixed driving, the EV6/Ioniq5 dual motor version seem to do WORSE than in freeway cruising. My guess is that's due to the front motor being physically decoupled at low loads, such as when maintaining freeway speeds. And yes, it seems clear that L2 chargers were part of the...
  9. When Idiots Attempt an EV Road Trip

    Amazingly, the EV6 (and Ioniq5) don’t have any built-in “navigate to DC fast charger” capability. That’s a stunning omission in a brand new EV, IMHO. As for those cars’ range, in the real world it appears to be significantly less than advertised, so the “143 miles between charges” average seems...
  10. Rented a Model Y

    Many things about Teslas "just work". It's one of the characteristics that make them so popular. They're far from perfect, but they're supremely easy to live with.
  11. Taycan RWD Acceleration without Launch Control

    Hmmm, I dunno. It’s the last thing in the article before the comments. It’s too big for a screenshot…
  12. Taycan RWD Acceleration without Launch Control

    Expand the specifications box.
  13. Taycan RWD Acceleration without Launch Control

    RWD PB Plus: “Street Start 5-60 mph ” figure is what the OP is asking for….