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  1. SwissTaycan

    Tax credits globally

    As US owners (or tax payers) are going to lose out on the $7.500 tax credit, I was just wondering what tax credits other international Taycan Forum members are or are not getting? In Switzerland there is/was: -a rebate on the purchase price. As it relates to me I or the car did not qualify...
  2. SwissTaycan

    Porsche: 100-kilowatt-hours is the battery-size sweet spot

    Thought this was an interesting article!
  3. SwissTaycan

    My first longer international journey

    First time since delivery (12/2020) that I ventured out of Switzerland on a drive from Zurich to Stuttgart. As also posted by @kreshi this is a nice journey as you get to spend some time on the Autobahn where there is generally not that much traffic. (That Autobahn can be a bit overrated as...
  4. SwissTaycan

    SOC when letting car sit for a while

    Hey everyone, Think this was answered before but what is the consensus of SOC you should leave the car if you don’t plan to use it for 2-3 weeks? Might actually be travelling so first time it has become relevant. Obviously not 100%. Probably also not 80%. So the best answer is...
  5. SwissTaycan

    This made me laugh…. Welcome to the dark side!!!
  6. SwissTaycan

    Tire pressure

    Hey everyone. I had my software update on Tuesday (only minor problems and settings getting lost as well as integrated Apple Music icon no longer appearing) and finally switched to summer tires as the car was delivered on winter tires. So whilst I was checking the settings I landed on the tire...
  7. SwissTaycan

    Wow pretty efficient battery on the 4S

    Not bad eh? I was in range mode ?
  8. SwissTaycan

    My three biggest complaints are...

    Hey everyone, I am exactly one month into 4S+ ownership. Enjoying the car and I joined this forum 2-3 months before delivery. I have learned so much here so a big thank you to all of you. I dare say some of you know more than your local dealership! (Of course not including @LukeManning !!)...
  9. SwissTaycan

    Consumer Reports on Taycan (and Tesla)

    Hmmmh if Consumer Reports had access to this forum they might hear about more issues than finicky infotainment?