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  1. Tay Tay

    Should I trade in my Taycan 4S for an Aston Martin Vantage? (pics)

    I love my car but the AM will scratch my childhood itch to be James Bond (not a very good reason I know). On the street the Taycan feels faster. If it were one of the manual Vantages I would get it in a heartbeat, but I couldn't find one of those in a spec I liked. What do?
  2. Tay Tay

    Macan vs. Taycan CT, literally
  3. Tay Tay

    Study says Taycan loses 20% of range in winter
  4. Tay Tay

    How easy is it to get a flat on 20's?

    For 21's in NE US it's just a question of when, not if. What about 20's?
  5. Tay Tay

    Taught my wife a lesson about leaving valuables in the Taycan

    I bought my wife a Birkin which she kept on leaving out in plain sight in the Taycan. I told her it would get stolen but she wouldn't listen to me, so I took it from the Taycan without her knowing. I was thinking of making it look more like a theft by breaking the window, but I first practiced...
  6. Tay Tay

    Average household income really $900k?

    A bunch of misinformation in this article but one thing they said was that Taycan owners have “an average household income of over $900,000”. I guess it could be true if averaging in some billionaires?
  7. Tay Tay

    Is Patrick Anderson on this site? So much misleading information in this article

    Supposedly he bought a Taycan but is surprised by the high charging cost. He is an economic consultant in Detroit.
  8. Tay Tay

    Can someone please confirm the part # for the front bumper spoiler?

    Is it 9J1807541OK1 for the 4S w/o sport design? The part that juts out at the lower front that gets scratched. P.S. If you also know what torx size is used to attach it that would be super helpful. Thanks!
  9. Tay Tay

    Direct charging mode stays on until you turn it off again?

    I used direct charging once. Thought it was a per-charging session thing. Next time I charged, I come back in a week to see the car charged at 100%. (1) PSA: turn direct charging back off after using it (2) What % of my battery capacity did I lose because I had my battery at 100% for a week?
  10. Tay Tay

    Nick Murray Taycan Base review

    I thought someone (@ron_b) would've posted this already but since not.... I offered to lend him my 4S for a real drag race (unlike that other clickbait video) but he declined.
  11. Tay Tay

    Wait, the better acceleration for '21 TTS was real? And '20s are getting the upgrade???

    "With the update, the 2020 Taycan Turbo S—the quickest Taycan available—will see its acceleration from zero to 124 mph imrpove from a claimed 9.8 seconds to 9.6 seconds."
  12. Tay Tay

    What’s this space for?

    I thought charger but there’s only a cutout for the power cord on one end
  13. Tay Tay

    Warning, there are multiple pages for tire pressures in the manual

    I only looked at this: but the “Taycan” there only refers to the RWD model. Sheesh! There is a separate table for each model:
  14. Tay Tay

    Is this gap around your door sills normal? (Black aluminum if you care)

    Seems like a good place for dirt and sand to get caught
  15. Tay Tay

    "This is the slowest Porsche for over 30 years"

    Not saying this is an important figure, but it was still interesting... 143 mph. This is the top speed of the entry-level Porsche Taycan that's simply called Taycan. It is therefore the slowest Porsche since the 944 2.7, which went out...
  16. Tay Tay

    How to get key to lock car without motion sensor?

    Supposedly (from the manual) you’re supposed to be able to double click the lock button and the key will give one long flash indicating that the car is locked without the motion sensor. Never works for me... does this work for anyone else?
  17. Tay Tay

    What’s the deal with the tire pressure deviation screen?

    I have 19” all-seasons set to part load. Target pressure is supposed to be 33/32. I have them set to 34/33 cold. Yet the deviation screen says my tires are +0 for the front and +3/+4 on the rears??? The manual says they take into account tire temperature but I measured everything at the same...
  18. Tay Tay

    Top 10 impressions on my options (if you were wondering about base stereo, metal roof, RAS, limestone, etc.)

    I had a hard time choosing between options as not all were available at the dealer. Luckily I can say I don't regret a single choice. Some impressions in case it helps others. Base stereo is perfectly acceptable for background listening. Bass is fine even without the subwoofer. There is...
  19. Tay Tay

    Charger mount anchors

    The anchors that come with the charger mount look like they’re for drywall? Am I supposed to use them to mount on concrete? Instructions are ridiculously vague although they come in 100 languages in four books.