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  1. Skilly

    RTTM, Apple Music Not working etc.

    Been happening now for just over 24hrs. I have access to all of my subscriptions in the PCM and can see them active. But over the last day I havent been able to access RTTM, Apple Radio or Internet Radio. THe LTE logo on the PCM is showing the two arrows with a line through them. Accessing LTE...
  2. Skilly

    Mission E Wheels Trade

    My car came with factory Mission Es - I think they are the right wheel for the car hands down BUT I'm putting a feeler out for anyone (ideally local to the Bay Area) that has the 21" exclusive design wheels for a trade. Only the black finish or CF interests me - not a blacked out set either...I...
  3. Skilly

    Home Charger - Fault

    Anybody experienced this? Charger is in doors and within the Porsche cabinet. The outlet is dedicated 40A circuit. It was evening - garage temp was roughly 70F - feels like a charger fault but the dealership didn't understand it and wanted to blame the operator (me). There advice was to lower...
  4. Skilly

    Has Anybody Ever Looked into Adding these Post Delivery?

    Porsche is notorious for building cars specific to the original build so exact that simple things that could be added after the fact cant be without a great deal of tear down and sometimes not at all - for example, lighted door sills wont be prewired for an add later etc. My car has two items...
  5. Skilly

    Front Bumper Removal

    Anybody have a DIY for front bumper removal? See them on youtube for practically every other Porsche, but not much of anything for the Taycan.