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  1. Lectron V-BOX 40A EVSE

    how you liking it?
  2. [North America] - this is getting embarrassing - Porsche nerfing/neutering the PMCC via OTA update?

    alright guys what EVSE should I buy, Porsche clearly isn't going to fix this anytime soon. Is the Tesla one the way to go with an adapter? thanks a lot!
  3. Mission E 21 inch White On Black with Pirelli Tires

    Selling 4 wheels and 2 tires (no TPMS) these are replica wheels but per the seller it’s from the same factory and built to the same spec. I just wanted silver instead of white.
  4. Interest rate hike?

    So my car got here early and I’m kinda scrambling to find the best rate. Dealer told me the best rate from Porsche for 72 months was 4.99 but I see 3.99 advertised until 5/31z I got my car at MSRP. What have you guys seen? Thank you!
  5. May delivery

    Are you guys financing with Porsche? My car is here and they are saying the rate is 4.99 but I see 3.99 advertised for 72 months.
  6. Mission E wheel weight

    Hi I can’t seem to find this online, does anyone know how much the mission E wheels weigh? There are sellers on eBay with replica wheels I was trying to figure out if those weigh more, are of similar build quality etc. thank you!
  7. Off Market Mission E Wheels

    Anyone get these wheels? I’m thinking of ordering some
  8. Wanted: Mission E All Black Wheels

    anyone willing to sell mission E two tone silver and black?
  9. Wanted: Mission E Wheels w/ Tires

    I prefer local pick up in the SoCal area. PM me please, thank you!
  10. Mission E Wheels Trade

    would you sell them?