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  1. 52p per KW … ( the new electricity domestic UK cap)

    Well from October 1st; Porsche OPC charging looks cheap. IONITY a bargain. and free ChargeScotland; unreal. still. At 52p per kW; I think it’s 2/3 of the price of a comparable big diesel. And much nicer to drive. 🤞 😊
  2. Software Update Comparison Video

  3. Porsche (All Regions) Has Dropped The Per Minute Charge!

    Anyone else notice this? Old news? - I just charged at OPC Perth alongside a Kia. Bittersweet if you ask me. Kia sat there until full I quite liked the idea of an expensive (and always available) OPC charge. Thoughts?
  4. Automatic Privacy Mode?!

    Annoyingly, following the LTE module hanging and me performing a Terminal 30 reset; twice recently the car has put itself into Privacy Mode. Also; maps are a little glitchy. Anyone faced same? PCM 7. CT4S With thanks in advance Paul
  5. My Porsche App - Not updated in 4 days…

    Anyone else in the same situation…. - charge data etc just old. I’ve deleted the app. Reinstalled etc. no joy. You guys?