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  1. 'Your Vehicle has been Produced' - how long to be notified?

    For those folks who have had a Taycan produced...... On My Porsche (not TYD) - How long after your vehicle was actually produced did it take for you to receive your 'Vehicle has been Produced' notification'? One member experienced a 2 week delay between the car actually being produced and...
  2. Arrghhh..... PEC UK - guests not allowed to drive?

    Hi folks I have just been offered a cancellation at PEC. I was hoping to take my son as a guest having seen some people mention you guest could be allowed to drive. But in the invitation the following is stipulated ..... ""Please note spectating guests are unable to accompany you in car due to...
  3. Pound tanking - Taycan prices up?

    Pound is truly Tanking this morning - Wonder how quickly Porsche will respond. Will they honour/prioritise existing UK orders at the agreed prices? Once you have a Taycan is its value set to increase as the price of new imported cars rise? Interesting and worrying times
  4. Porsche mobile charger name change

    Folks Previously the standard equipment was a 'Mobile Charger Plus' - which differentiated it from the more expensive/sophisticated 'Mobile Charger Connect' Just noticed the standard equipment description is now simply 'Mobile Charger' Also, for some time, the 'Mobile Charger Connect' is no...
  5. private number plate advice please

    A little off-piste... I want to take my private reg off my A7 - and retain in readiness for adding to Taycan. This means putting a normal reg on the A7. The A7 was originally registered by Audi Dealer with the private reg - was never registered with a normal reg. DVLA site says I will get a...
  6. Charging route planner advice

    Folks, Is there a charging route planner that allows you to select the state of charge you depart with (ie set to 100%) and the state of charge you want to arrive with (ie 'as fully charged as possible')? And ideally that includes ALL available high-power chargers - not just the ones...
  7. UK Insurance - selecting repairer rules?

    Bored waiting for delivery - hopefully next 1-2 months.... (sorry its long) Got a decent quote from Sadmiral - but have read that they can play hardball when it comes to choice of repairer. Not sure of they are trustworthy? The admiral quote is <half of that from my present insurer (Saga) -...
  8. Goodyear 21" Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5s are NFO marked

    FWIW.... Standard fitting for 21" includes the Goodyear F1 Eagle Asymmetric 3 which are obvs. Porsche NFO stamped and approved. My local tyre supplier is claiming the more up-to-date Asymmetric 5 is also NFO. And are same price. But I was a bit wary because Porsche can play 'warranty...
  9. worst consumption for ST-T

    Just a bit of fun really..... for the impatient - the actual run starts arounds 10 mins and info given at around 22 mins
  10. steering wheel lock recommendation please

    Anyone use a steering wheel lock? The bar-through-the-wheel type? recommendations to fit Porsche steering wheel? was thinking of the original stoplock - not sure it would fit cheers
  11. latest software - preheating batteries for public charging

    Folks - I searched and cannot find, even though I seem to recall discussion on this - sorry of this has been answered previously. With the latest My Porsche App (just updated) - and latest MY23 car software - How do you navigate to a non-Ionity and non-Porsche Centre ultra-rapid charger AND...
  12. Taycan Turbo S Sets EV Nurburgring Record With 7:33 Lap Time

    for track days only?........... (or any day?) ;). expensive! New Nürburgring record for the Porsche Taycan 10/08/2022 Never before has a series-production...
  13. My Porsche (UK) not showing car production progress at the moment.

    Just logged on to My Porsche.........Is it just me? ....... My Porsche not showing Vehicle Phase (production progress stage) at the moment. - On laptop, I am logged in OK - can see/edit my profile etc., but when I click 'Overview' - it does not show... - On phone I try to login - and it just...
  14. 14 way headrests - forward-back adjustment?

    Folks - (I searched but could not find) ........Do the headrests on the 14 way seats have the forward and back movement as on the 18 way? And if so, when adjusted - does it help reduce head-slap for the unwary passenger on acceleration? cheers
  15. hmmmmm..... interesting. Lotus Type 133
  16. Car height basis?

    Anyone know...... Is the overall car height quoted in the Technical Data section of confuserator (1381 saloon and 1412mm CT).... measured in 'Normal' suspension setting? or Lift? or Lowered?
  17. fewer/higher VS frequent/mini charging sessions?

    Sorry if this fish has been fried before..... During periods when daily usage is low but frequent - For battery longevity - and assuming 7kw single-phase charging .... Is it better to top-up charge a little every day - keeping say between 40-60%ish? - Or - Leave it a few days and do a...
  18. cast wrap sourcing advice

    Folks, Trying to find a satin finish quality pale-gold cast wrap - close as possible to Porsche neodyme - they all tend to be too saturated deep gold. - Like Avery Safari Gold. I found what looks to be the perfect colour in budget cast vinyl by CSK - but they get very mixed reviews - so I am...
  19. CT configurator interior 'paint patches' real or bug?

    Hi - In the CT configurator with the view to the back of the interior there are 4 'patches' of colour along the roof sides (pano roof selected) - that seem to match the exterior colour - as if paint finished. Is this a bug? or do they really exist in the car? many thanks
  20. online range calculator - driving mode definitions?

    Please can anyone point me at the definitions of the different driving scenarios (city, country road, motorway) Porsche use in their online range calculator? cheers