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  1. tigerbalm

    Spotted on a mountain in France

    Oh, thats the Porsche EU destination charging thing: Porsche will install free chargers into hotels if you meet a few conditions. It's really taken off recently. Here in Ireland it went from two properties to a few hotels in each town now has Porsche Chargers.
  2. tigerbalm

    Tire Wear - Goodyear Eagle F-1
  3. tigerbalm

    Spotted on a mountain in France

    Unlikely if this was in France – as it has a Belgian number plate.
  4. tigerbalm

    What’s the consensus on the best Taycan colour?

    PTS Oslo Blue.
  5. tigerbalm

    2023 Taycan 4s Build

    Don't underestimate the impact winter temperatures (and winter tyres) will have on an EV's range. Sometimes the larger battery is for winter.
  6. tigerbalm

    Aftermarket Chrono Clock Install ?

    Just sellotape down one of these on your dash.
  7. tigerbalm

    First Porsche - Order to Delivery Journal

    Interesting. I'd really like to have the compass option in the saloon variant but alas its not possible. I think it would be much more fitting with my road-trips rather than the racing track "sports chrono" most will never take their Taycan to. Interested in why you made this change ?
  8. tigerbalm

    My Porsche App Eating iPhone Battery?

    I have all the features of the My Porsche app activated and its never in my top 10 of battery usage on my iPhone 13 mini – which itself has a small battery.
  9. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    Sure, you'd never bring a Taycan out in the rain – get electrocuted!
  10. tigerbalm

    October Deliveries

    It's so strange – having recently been on the factory tour – to be able to place that exact station – and what its like around it!
  11. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    I know for sure that my Turbo S that is being built in two-ish weeks time will have the BOSE in the build as per the standard spec.
  12. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    I think so. I also suspect that the lossless codec's I can now stream easily from Apple Music helps. I've a hunch the Bose DSP/amplifier prefers/needs higher quality music sources. On paper the Burmeister is so much more impressive. 1200 watts amplification, 21 speakers made of much more robust...
  13. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    It does make it quieter. Being in Ireland – we don't get to test "thermal benefits" too frequently!
  14. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    FWIW – this has been my subjective experience. I currently have a Taycan 4S with Burmeister and am moving to a Taycan Turbo S that comes with BOSE as standard. I originally spec'd the Burmeister because I had BOSE in a Panamera and was very disappointed with it. However, the Burmeister is an...
  15. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    Are you saying you're not planning to charge your Taycan with premium electricity?
  16. tigerbalm

    Finder Dynamic Content Update
  17. tigerbalm

    PCM Infotainment update Finder - Dynamic 7.1.17

    Finder on the PCM is the internal term for the "app launching screen" – and also the 3 panels dashboard screen.
  18. tigerbalm

    Newbie question on home chargers

    Even my Irish Taycan has a CritAir sticker (for Paris). Getting the equivalent from Germany was a bureaucratic nightmare. But getting it from the French government was fast, easy and cheap! I was surprised!
  19. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    Found out yesterday that my Turbo S is on-target for assembly in two weeks time with a late Nov delivery. It will include the Bose stereo as part of its standard configuration.
  20. tigerbalm

    BOSE Delays

    For sure in the EU - the goods have to be “as described” at the time of ordering. You can walk away with zero obligations if they aren’t. Be surprised if those consumer laws weren’t grandfathered in during Brexit for UK.