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  1. The naked frunk (front trunk cover / shroud removed)

    Had a chance to snap a pic while the car was getting an expansion valve replaced. It was making scratching noise in the cabin. Like some sort a small animal was trapped in the dash. Amazing complexity for the spiderweb of hoses. Really jam-packed with components.
  2. Car died over night…

    Yes absolutely...I have a GB70. It's an external battery. For charging a LiFePO4 battery one needs and appropriate charger.
  3. Must haves on a 4S

    RWS - incredible...must have. Turns on dime at low speeds and stable at high speeds. Innodrive - good and useful in stop/go traffic. I have no comparison to Tesla's AutoPilot but I've heard not as good. NightVision - impressive. Yesterday it picked out a deer right on the side of the road...
  4. Ready for winter

    Interesting perspectives in this post. Thank you for all replies. Here is my calculus for getting winter wheel tire set from Porsche... -Four wheel drive does nothing for braking (as was pointed out) snow/ice. Thus going with snow tires -Having the better performance VS. All-Season tires just...
  5. Ready for winter

    if you look at you will see that all of their winter tire packages are north of $5.7k
  6. Ready for winter

    Ordered these from the dealer V.S. SunCoastParts as I like these (Turbo Aero) wheels. SunCoast does not list these on their website. Tires are new (I was told) Good Year Porsche spec tires.
  7. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    After the car was revived, the right circular dash display told me I need to reset it. The procedure was stepping on the brake pedal and confirming on the center console display. That's all.
  8. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Yes...seems like the NOCO products have that "force' feature. It helps to read the manual. I did use that feature to get things going but the charger was just 2 Amp so it was really slow. The battery can be charged up to 90 Amps per manual. If one was to get a Lithium charger I'd say 10 Amps...
  9. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Ok an the thing going. -Used the NOCO Boost (in Override mode) to open the frunk. Had to read the manual/Good To Know app which tells you to use the REMOTE to press the frunk key. Connection to the positive terminal in the foot well and the black bracket for the door arrestor is...
  10. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Well just this weekend somehow I was able to kill mine. Had the car charging on a Profile to 80%. It stopped at 80% according to Connect app. A day later I went to the car and totally dead. Pulled on the cord to disconnect the charger plug. Then went to AutoZone to get NOCO Boost HD GB70...
  11. Taycan EV's adaptive regeneration: does it work?

    Adaptive regen is my favorite feature on the whole car. It's awesome.
  12. Front trunk motion detector opener fail

    Yup....same for me. When the car is in my garage, it does not work. Once outside it works but can be temperamental. My dealer is aware and they are escalating the issue.
  13. Connect App Message - Climate Control Process has Been Completed

    I get the same. I think it gets triggered by me being in the garage near the car but I have not fully investigated.
  14. Dealing with the front license plate

    Just got the car like two days ago. I'm in Minnesota. I'll still do this and keep you posted.
  15. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Glacier Blue headlights. Clear side markers.
  16. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    Don...which charger dedicated for LiFePO4 batteries did you purchase? I scanned previous posts but did not find a reference. Anyone else with some good recommendations feel free to chime in. I'm thinking of having one in the garage or trunk just in case. thx.
  17. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    So Don, help me understand what the problem is...are you saying that a charge set for certain time of the night and to a certain charge percentage can't be done with a Porsche charger? I read your original post and all the events in between. I thought that Porsche was able to duplicate this...
  18. Glacier Blue Leds Accents - anyone have live picture of these lights on and off?

    When the sunlight catches at the right angle, then you see the blue. Indoors it is hard to see iff at all. Also the four angled surrounds are different as compared to stock. And yeah this one is mine...just arrived yesterday in Minneapolis.