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  1. Charging cable has a mind of its own

    Super helpful. It may work. The issue is that the cable is connected at its base to the charge unit that you attach to the wall and when you attempt to wind it into a coil so that you can hang it on a bracket the nozzle ends up banging on the ground. But your suggestion is certainly worth a...
  2. Charging cable has a mind of its own

    The long one. About 25 feet. This really makes it more difficult.
  3. Charging cable has a mind of its own

    Has anyone found difficulty winding the cable back on a bracket or hook? I find that it is difficult to loop it back into place unless you follow its original form as it came to you in the case. When I try and loop it on the bracket I've installed on my garage wall, the cable act s like a stiff...
  4. Epic 5-day Road Rally Through Colorado

    One of the great posts of all time. Beautifully told and the pics are memorable. I did a trip like this 30 years ago with Honda Goldwings. Came down the Million Dollar Highway wearing a full rain suit in a downpour, trying to stay off the white lines. I love the idea of passing a Ferrari in a...
  5. My Taycan lowered 15mm and added 10mm spacers

    I love the attitude the car now projects. You have skills most of us will never achieve. I think the only thing missing is the sport design package in carbon fiber.
  6. A great day!! (Taycan Turbo Delivery at PEC LA)

    Looks like a dream experience. I wish my dealer had told me about this option. We put our deposit down in early 2019. Finally got the car in May of this year. Picked it up at the dealership and missed all your memorable experiences. Our cars are very similar with the exception of the sport...
  7. Another Taycan Turbo delivery!!!

  8. Great car that dealer cannot explain how to set up features

    I think the problem is that few or none of the sales people have lived with their new Taycans or have ever had extended experience with a Tesla. Like us, before we actually got our cars, they've either been reading the literature Porsche has been providing or engaging in a few test drives which...
  9. Ideal charging to maximize battery capacity?

    I think evanevery is putting out pretty good information. I had a Tesla P85+ for 7 years before getting our new Taycan Turbo S. I don't think there's a real way for any of us to tell if battery degradation has occurred based on charging too high, too consistently, so we end up taking the...
  10. Custom Set of Taycan Wheels 21"

    My Turbo S came with Mission E Wheels and 21" Goodyear Eagles. So far it's handling the performance with no issues and the ride is superb. I couldn't resist the Mission E's because I had dreamed of the concept car for years until I actually got mine. I added the Sport Design in Carbon Fiber to...
  11. Final specs

    We got our Turbo S in May. Carrara white with body colored Mission E wheels, carbon fiber sport design package and black interior. Worth a look... Good luck with your great car
  12. Tesla Model S Plaid Announcement

    I had an early Tesla P85+. It was very quick off the line and some years later when I drove a !00D I felt is was somewhat quicker but not noticeable enough to update the original Model S. I do recall feeling uneasy and even unsafe every time a punched it. The suspension, the brakes and the...
  13. Width of the rear arch

    I think the mirrors in open position are the widest point of the car. I ordered folding mirrors and I fold them every time I enter the garage.
  14. Turbo Spec in

    Some suggestions based on having a Turbo S for about 5 mos. Dump the tyre sealing/compressor extra. The sealant ruins tyres and you can get a nice little air compressor on Amazon for a fraction of that price. Consider the passenger screen if you will be traveling with a partner or a friend. It...