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  1. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    Yes I am led to believe that there are no changes being made the calliper size of the PCCB’s.
  2. Door sill illumination

    Well if they are consistent I should be ok as I also ticked all the ambient/led lighting options. Just hope they haven’t changed it for 2021MY as my car not due to be delivered til December. Your comments are very encouraging though, thank you. :)
  3. Door sill illumination

    Just “door sill guards in Matte Carbon” There is no mention of the word ‘illuminated’ but equally I can’t see it as a specific option on the configurator? I guess it will be what it will be now! :please:
  4. Door sill illumination

    Thanks that’s very helpful and just hope thats also the case for UK supplies vehicles as standard specs do seem to vary quite a bit depending on the destination market.
  5. Door sill illumination

    Just a quick question, particularly for any Turbo S owners who already have their cars. Are the standard feature matt carbon sills illuminated? I am past the freeze date for mine so can't make any changes but when I asked my dealer he said he wasn't 100% sure. I have recently seen illuminated...
  6. I have only gone and done it!

    Thanks, I certainly will... I just hope it looks reasonably close to the configurator images. Some colours do but others like Carmine Red look a million miles away from reality. The sample in the dealership looked pretty close but colours can change depending on light conditions. Anyway it’s...
  7. I have only gone and done it!

    :CWL: :CWL: It’s crazy but then these are pretty crazy times!
  8. I have only gone and done it!

    After months of agonising over the colour of my car and finally settling on a Cherry Red Turbo (Nov build, Dec delivery) I was so disappointed to learn of the calliper size reduction for 2021 MY cars with PSCB’s. I therefore decided to upgrade to PCCB’s before the build freeze date and on...
  9. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    I don’t need to see many pictures to understand that a 6 pot calliper is considerably smaller than a 10 pot. The new calliper is closer in size to the current 4 pot rears and they are absolutely tiny by comparison. If you are happy with them that’s fine but for me with the Mission e wheels, I am...
  10. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    I honestly don’t know the answer to that but been on to my Porsche dealer today and they have confirmed the change in calliper size for PSCB for all 2021 MY cars! Unfortunately, it has forced me to add PCCB’s to my order!
  11. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    If that’s true then I fear I may be forced to dig deeper and upgrade to PCCB’s. I was so happy with the PSCB’ but now will always be feeling cheated when I see an earlier production car!
  12. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    This image really emphasises the difference! The 10 pots fill two sections of the spoke area whereas the 4 pots barely fill one and a half! Do you know if the PCCB’s still retain the 10 pots for 2021 MY ? I think they have also reduced for same reasons I stated earlier but if not I may have to...
  13. 2021 Taycan in Chalk color - first pictures

    It’s not just the size of the disc that’s changed for 2021 MY. The callipers have reduced significant from 10 piston to 6 piston apparently in an effort to reduce weight (11kg’s lighter) and in recognition that the use of regenerative breaking means the front brakes are simply not required to be...
  14. Official CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Thread

    Is Black/Chalk the same as Black/Crayon in UK?
  15. Rear light strip with 'PORSCHE' logo in black

    Thank you, I'll take a look.
  16. Rear light strip with 'PORSCHE' logo in black

    Does anybody have any images of the 'Rear light strip with PORSCHE logo in Black' ? The configurator only describes it but doesn't show it!
  17. 2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    It’s definitely not an espresso!
  18. 2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    Its all a personal thing but Coffee Beige or Cherry are the best of the new colour options in my view. In fact my dealer is really pushing Coffee Beige and I am still tempted. Ignore the word 'beige' and view it as a metallic champagny crayon! :giggle: Serously though, Coffee Beige is a...