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  1. Looking for a detailer

    I just got my XPel PPF and ceramic coating (Feynlab) done at Gulf Coast Auto Shield. Can't recommend them enough! John, the owner of the shop, is a huge car guy and took care of my car if it was his own. Give John a call if you are looking for an expert in PPF and ceramic coating...
  2. Satin Black Taycan Turbo in the wild

    I was quoted $6500-$7000 do that in XPel satin White.
  3. Finally!!!! I have her...

    That is a stunning car!!!! Congrats and enjoy it!
  4. Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    Forgot to mention that I also got the windshield tinted as well. Well tinted is a's clear xPel film that blocks heat (rated at ~97% blockage if I remember correctly). Of course with the storms in the Gulf, the weather here is unseasonably cool (not complaining) so I can't test it...
  5. Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    Just got mine back from the PPF installer and the seams are not obvious at all although I only did the full front including the rear view mirrors. It takes some serious looking to find the seams as they are all folded in. As an aside, ask your installer about installing the PPF on the display...
  6. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

    That is awesome! What dealer? North Houston? Momentum? Congrats!!!
  7. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Taycan 4S Carrera White Mission E Wheels Performance Battery Sport Chrono September 16 2020
  8. 3D Printed Removable Front Plate Mount for Taycan (Print Files Attached)

    @evanevery Great work!!!! This is really fantastic and really high quality. I used your files for the phone mount on my Ender 3 Pro (just a beginner on a beginner printer) and installed it today. It worked perfectly and looked great! I really appreciate you sharing your ideas, knowledge and...
  9. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

    Congratulations guys!!! You will not be disappointed! I’ve read about some having issues logging into and connecting to Porsche Connect but mine went smoothly. Helped that I got a lot of info and advice from this forum.
  10. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

    Thank you!!! It is now in my garage and it IS amazing!!! Only gotten to drive about 30 miles but WOW! Now I get to freak my sons out when I pick them up from school. Yes in-person school...remember that? So 2019!
  11. Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

    Ordered mid-May, went through production ahead of the schedule provided. Boat arrived in Houston early August but has been sitting there for over a month but I will finally take delivery of the car tomorrow! It will be a sleepless night! SA took some pictures when it was delivered at the...
  12. G Poseidon arrived in Benicia!

    I hope your ship arrives quickly and the PDI goes smoothly. My car was on Swift Ace that landed in Houston on 08/05 and I still don't have the car. And I'm in Houston!!! SA says the hold up is at the port and they are not getting cars delivered like they normally do. Sales manager called and...
  13. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    My car was on the Swift Ace that landed in Houston on 08/05 and was offloaded but still nothing. Texted my SA and he said it's still at the port waiting to be released. Supposedly they haven't gotten a single car for a week so not sure what is going on. I'm in no hurry but very anxious to get...
  14. Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    I tried "ICE L3SS" and the Texas DMV denied that saying I can reference or disparage any agency. :headbang::CWL:
  15. Device temperature is too high Error Message

    Quite interesting that there are 2 350 kW chargers near Channelview....I don't think there a whole lot of EVs out there....maybe it's for drivers going out of town heading east.
  16. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    My 4s was offloaded in Houston from the Swift Ace as well and my dealer is saying they only got half of their cars delivered to the dealership (not sure which models). And I'm in Houston so not sure when my car will be released to the dealer.
  17. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Looks like it's been moored for about 5 hours now. Got a call from my dealer today saying I should be able to pick it up on's gonna be a long weekend!
  18. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I'm watching the Swift Ace as well. I'm in Houston so hopefully get the car next week after it docks on 08/05.
  19. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I was kinda shocked too to be honest. Not really sure how my dealer/SA got everything through so quickly. It was ahead of the production (V codes) schedule they gave me when I ordered. I'm working Porsche of North Houston and those guys are total Porsche fanatics.
  20. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Ordered my Carrera White with Mission E wheels 4S on May 23rd. Just got the VIN and car is on the Swift Ace moored at Davisville as of this morning. Looks like an early to mid August delivery depending on how long PPF takes. The wait is almost over......:rock: