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  1. SoH vs Charging to 100% and what I found.

    I believe that an increase of capacity could also be the result to doing a measurement closer to optimal battery temperature.
  2. Porsche Track Precision App Now Working for All Model Years

    I just got an update of the Porsche Track Precision app that now is available for all Taycan model years that got the uPdate. This is great news since a few of us were complaining about it not being available.
  3. PCM Simulator got uPdated!

    The PCM simulator has been very useful to us on this forum to screenshot specific menus. I noticed that the PCM Simulator got uPdated and has now the latest menus/icons: Might be of interest of others as it wasn't the case a few weeks ago.
  4. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    You can. When CarPlay is active it pops up on lower center screen. With color 😃 Probably something I can configure? I don't remember how I got it there previously
  5. New PCM look

    Oh no. I just got this too. I wonder why it's incompatible. Speed of hardware needed for processing? Missing sensors?
  6. Best Bose settings?

    I wonder if the recent update would change the calibration :)
  7. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    I just got the uPdate. Hot takes: - I'm disappointed that the app spinner is still dominant in the app and it never actually turns green when connected (even when the data is clearly updated) - Plug and Charge was not working on my MY21 on IONITY chargers, and now it does! Yah :) - Overall...
  8. Part 2: Deep hum 50-70 km/h and why we should notify Porsche AG

    I went on a ride today after picking up my car after the uPdate. I have been unable to reproduce the humming sound. It's too early for me to say it's gone for good. But it's promising that I didn't hear anything at the speeds I was previously hearing it.
  9. Spinning connectivity indicator

    I was hoping that the uPdate would fix this. But it does not. Anyone is ever seeing a green circle instead of the grey spinning one?
  10. [ANNOUNCED] - PMCC tech advisory : charging rate amperage lowered for "normal" usage of the PMCC (rate reduced by half)

    What's the concern on that exactly? Fire/overheating? For what it's worth, I actually have had decent experiences with it, my main issue is weight. I've charged Teslas and BMW with it and all charging experiences have been without issues.
  11. Part 2: Deep hum 50-70 km/h and why we should notify Porsche AG

    I can clearly hear some repeating noise on a MY21 CT4. My car is in for the uPdate, so I will give it a try after the update is completed to see if it further reproduces. In my experience, I have the sound at around 70km/h on a flat surface, but I can not reliably reproduce it on any road...
  12. Remote Park Assist on MY21 and older?

    I'm trying to figure out if Remote Park Assist is available on MY21 vehicles optioned with Park Assist. Has anyone gotten the uPdate and has tried Remote Park Assist now?
  13. My custom hitch for standard bike rack.

    Are you planning on selling those? Or do you have more technical details you can share?
  14. Porsche TAYCAN spotted charging at Tesla supercharger (in Europe) 🤫

    I've charged at the Supercharger on a road trip. It's great to have the option to, but I prefer IONITY chargers because they are faster and in better locations. Tesla Supercharger locations are often off the highway, and especially in countries like France where you need to pay to get on and off...
  15. ? PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    Basically, the software of MY22. Overview is here:
  16. Major software update announcement coming July 13th…

    Wooow, I'm so thrilled to hear about this. I've been hoping for this for a long time now. Ever since the MY22 started production given I got one of the last MY21. I'm glad we're getting all the software updates from MY22 coming to our cars, including the drive train ones and battery management...
  17. No problem to go on holidays with the Taycan in France

    Nice! The Hauconcourt charger is often congested. So glad you didn't have to wait there.
  18. MY2023 Taycan changes summary video

    For those of us with a MY21 and early MY22, timing has been quite favorable to us. People say typically that buying a new car is bad investment, but comparing to most of the stocks that I'm holding, the value of the Taycan has held up pretty strongly, so I'm going to HODL it a bit longer :)