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    Taycan Electric Sport Sound, does it really affect range?

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....this is funny. I'm wondering if the dealer's tech guy correlated the sound being on with turning the mode switch to Sport Plus. ....less range with the sound. this case he wouldn't be wrong, but it'd be kinda hilarious.....

    Wheel regrets?

    2 words - wheel insurance. Get the wheels you want. I have 21" and they're fine driving NE PA roads which arguably as bad or worse than OH or MI roads. Haven't damaged them yet but I did opt for wheel insurance so if it happens, I'm covered and have piece of mind. I had to get 20" winter...

    Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    Personally - I don't know that it changes the athestetic that much without it. I think the clean look is pretty sweet. I have the power doors and they're cool but I rarely look at my car and it never occurred to me that these make the lines of it. each their own and if this is...

    Do I need ventilated seats?

    I vote yes.... What I am surprised is that they compliment road trips / longer stints when you may want to go range mode, dial back Eco (or Eco Plus) on the AC. You turn on the vented seats and you get some range benefits while offsetting the AC on blast (balances). ...I like options.

    Mistakes were made... 💸 (New Taycan GTS in Carmine Red)

    Nice upgrade - enjoy it in good health!

    911 Dakar a.k.a. Taycan CT tribute edition😁's good points. I'm daily driving my Taycan Turbo S right now. I'd definitely be the bonehead driving it into the ground. The Dakar is just about the perfect version for me given where I live and if I wanted a 911 for daily (lot of snow, 20 degree driveway, etc). You mentioned that...

    911 Dakar a.k.a. Taycan CT tribute edition😁

    Word is I've got first dibs on allocation at my dealer pending additional details (being worked on) with dealer working to get additional details on timing. Trying to decide if I'm going to spend the cash for this as I really would be happy with a Targa 4S and I'm no a collector. ....I'll be...

    Small Tear

    THIS! ...have done this previously and you'd be amazed what they can repair and you literally cannot tell once complete. Done this a few times and I wouldn't sweat this and your dealer should be able to direct you to a really good repair contact.

    GTS 2023 or Turbo S 2021?!

    Yea, this is a really good spec from the look of it. I got mine just a tad cheaper but this has PDCC (which is the one option I kind of wish I had). Overall - this seems like a wicked good deal and better than I could find in the NE when I was looking (my purchase seemed best at the time 4-5...
  10. JDNEPA

    GTS 2023 or Turbo S 2021?!

    Agree - Turbo S all things being equal. Why wouldn't you get the highest MSRP if all are equal on price? If not, I'd go best spec'd (probably would be GTS but without build sheets that's an assumption). There is an incoming GTS at my local dealer for $175k. Reviewed it's spec and I'd take a...
  11. JDNEPA

    Taycan as a daily driver for a working hands-on guy?

    I think you could make it work. I use mine daily and it works fine and is surprisingly easy day-to-day. One alternative is flip to Audi and do an RS e-tron GT. Very similar to the Taycan in most respects. Interior a bit more "car like" which may be a good thing based on your thought about...
  12. JDNEPA

    "Electrify America Chargers Are Rarely Used - What’s Up With Non-Tesla Fast Charging?" - Link

    Agree - 100% … be honest I’m a little angsty and the suggestion of Porsche in the same mention of doing chargers. The mention was just comical to me given recent developments.…. Obviously if Porsche could do it well, sure. However, the latest and recent data points indicate that developing...
  13. JDNEPA

    "Electrify America Chargers Are Rarely Used - What’s Up With Non-Tesla Fast Charging?" - Link

    ……because Porsche has done so well making chargers. Didnt they just push an update to throttle their chargers and are having dealers set them to half amps to avoid overheating? Would love for them to throw money at it but maybe behind a good company with the tech (like Andersen - think they...
  14. JDNEPA

    Why I Dumped Carplay

    I don't use CarPlay anymore either. I have all the native apps plus Apple Music, Podcast, Spotify and the interface seems to work better for me.
  15. JDNEPA

    What’s the consensus on the best Taycan colour?

    I've got Genetian Blue and I'm a big fan of it, but rules are rules and can't pick my car's color so beyond my blue, the Mamba Green is probably the absolute best color. If I was ordering, I'd probably go Mamba Green.
  16. JDNEPA

    Auto main beam

    Mine work great but can take a little getting use to but I usually forget I just have them on and/or need to flip back in forth. One thing to note, if you're getting frustrated that they're not turning on, it could be you are going to slow (no seriously). ...when driving slow (ie...
  17. JDNEPA

    My Taycan Turbo S - finally totally functional

    @4thPcar - I’m assuming with Spotify, you get that error for Apple Music and podcasts too? If you want the organic apps to work, I’d you look on these services, they’re all tied to the hotspot LTE connection at least to be functional. I’m unsure if you need the subscription but I’ll find out in...
  18. JDNEPA

    My Taycan Turbo S - finally totally functional

    Thanks!!!! It's chalk. (chalk and black - 2 tone)
  19. JDNEPA

    My Taycan Turbo S - finally totally functional

    Because you asked..... I'll get a few other pics but it's dark and it's plugged in. Ran out to take one but decided this one is better in the sunlight and will get a few better ones tomorrow.
  20. JDNEPA

    My Taycan Turbo S - finally totally functional

    I'm posting this crazy experience of issues as it may help someone down the road..... 🤬 This was all post update to ANA6 - had it when I bought my car initially from dealer. Summary findings: 1. The flash to new car after taking ownership, flashed my PCM and broke my hotspot. 2. This also...