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  1. TXAG

    EA (Electrify America) Sucks - that is all

    Miracles can happen. First, I drove from Phoenix to Las Vegas today in my 2022 RWD, and the 150 kW EA charger in Kingman AZ worked flawlessly. Second, the Aggies beat LSU two days ago.
  2. TXAG

    Trip Report: my first relative long distance trip - about 350 miles

    @Bresdo1962 , does your GTS have the regular or large battery? Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have the large battery and only need one stop in Kingman AZ to drive 280 miles from Phoenix to Las Vegas and when I arrive I have over 150 miles remaining on the guess-o-meter.
  3. TXAG

    How to operate Electrify America free charging

    @johnschlemmer , ensure your phone's location is enabled if you need to use the My Porsche app when charging at EA. I had to do this once. The other dozen or so times I charged at EA I didn't need the app.
  4. TXAG

    Mercedes locks faster acceleration behind a yearly $1,200 subscription - The Verge

    Add me to the list of groaners. It's like my bank account is a loaf of bread surrounded by hungry pigeons. And if I ever end up paying for a subscription, I expect to pay NOTHING for its repair.
  5. TXAG

    RC Taycan available at Macy's

    LOL. Hobby Lobby should have just what you need ...
  6. TXAG

    Strange fan/ticking noise during morning power-up

    Hmm... hope it goes away. I'm taking mine in on December 7.
  7. TXAG

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    A couple of days ago in my 2022 RWD, my wife and I were headed southbound on Loop 202 in southwest Phoenix. As we were passing a minivan, we couldn't help but notice a young boy, perhaps 4, lazily looking out of the rear driver's side window with his chin resting on his left forearm. He waved...
  8. TXAG


    Headline after selling Twitter: ELON FLIPS THE BIRD
  9. TXAG

    My battery range says 208 miles… shouldn't it be 250 miles?

    It is, I promise. I switched it to Range mode and the guess-o-meter jumped up to 325 miles at 97% SOC, but that's cheating so I didn't take a picture. My most recent home charging session had 259 miles at 85% SOC.
  10. TXAG

    [North America] - this is getting embarrassing - Porsche nerfing/neutering the PMCC via OTA update?

    Agreed. There's also the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 in the USA.
  11. TXAG

    Using a 3rd Party Home EV Charger Compromises Warranty? Updated response from PCNA

    Agreed. In the USA, there's also the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.
  12. TXAG

    My battery range says 208 miles… shouldn't it be 250 miles?

    Congratulations - enjoy it! Your estimated range will improve as your Taycan adjusts to your driving. When I picked up my 2022 RWD with PB+ in June 2022, the range was 212 miles at 100% SOC. Here's what it was last month:
  13. TXAG

    Taycans in AZ - Group Drive

    ... updating an existing post for your consideration ... Congratulations @nck ! I told my Sales Associate (SA) in Porsche Chandler that I was going to install clear front side markers and get window tint, paint protection film (PPF), and ceramic coating right after taking possession. Much to...
  14. TXAG

    Electrify America won’t charge since latest PCM update

    I drove to the nearest EA charger immediately after getting the uPdate and it worked fine. If it didn't, I would have driven 5 miles back to the Porsche dealership to ask for the loaner back. Glad it didn't come to that.
  15. TXAG

    Dashcam power usage and effect on range decrease?

    When compared to propulsion, the dashcam doesn't draw much from the big battery while driving. Can anyone clarify the risk of the dashcam draining the 12V battery when parked?
  16. TXAG

    Charging other EVs

    I don't know the answer, but given the USA community's dissatisfaction with Porsche's free PMC+ and the US$1200 PMCC I wouldn't vouch for using them on other EVs.
  17. TXAG

    TSB: Brake Pedal Travel Perceived as “Too Long” Just Before the Vehicle Comes to a Standstill - July 22, 2022

    I also had mushy brakes at low speeds some of the time. When I took my 2022 RWD into the dealer for the uPdate a month ago, the dealer bled the brakes. All's better now.
  18. TXAG

    Taycan Insurance Premiums

    Here in the Phoenix AZ USA area, I pay US$1414 per year with Auto-Owners Insurance Company inclusive of the following discounts for my 2022 RWD: -- paying the premium in full (15%) -- anti-theft device (10%) -- ABS (5%) -- air bags (35%) -- multi-car (discount unknown) -- bundle home...
  19. TXAG

    Road Rage - Near Miss

    Thanks to all of you for the excellent responses! I should have used my right turn signal to move to Lane 3 with Lane 4 open to have an out if the driver (I'll call him Bubba) still wanted to teach me a lesson by swerving partway into Lane 3 while passing me in Lane 2. I should also move...
  20. TXAG

    condensation on drivers window

    I presume you've tried the focus, diffused, and custom airflow options on your Taycan ... ? While I haven't had your problem here in arid Arizona USA, here's what worked when I lived in humid Houston Texas: Defog the windshield with the air conditioning set at 85 F (29 C) or higher. The A/C...