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  1. DerekS

    Mistakes were made... 💸 (New Taycan GTS in Carmine Red) The mistake was the expenditure :). But I will say the car is amazing and a very different experience from the RWD. So much more power, and the color is...
  2. DerekS

    Considering GTS Upgrade - Brake Question: stopping power, dust level, replacement mileage longevity?

    I've currently got a Cherry base with 21" Mission E, PSCB, PB+ and most of the quality of life options you'd want. I am considering an upgrade to a Carmine Red GTS which has a really good build except for one thing - I'm not in love with the wheels, and don't like that it doesn't have PSCBs. I...
  3. DerekS

    Tesla releases new J1772 Wall Connector Home Charger (for Non-Teslas) For people pissed off at the slow PMC+ PMCC, this is potentially an alternative. It does require hard wiring - you won't be able to just plug into your NEMA 14-50 - but you might also be able to put it on a 60 amp circuit to run at 48 amps...
  4. DerekS

    Why I Dumped Carplay

    The root of this is an ongoing bug: - Leave the car on a native audio source (XM, Podcasts, Apple Music) - Return to the car and it plays your last source (yay!) - Carplay attaches and suddenly you're not playing anything at all (super frustrating.) Adding to the frustration, this usually...
  5. DerekS

    Road Trip Report: Dallas <--> Nashville

    I took a trip this week out to Nashville to see Blondie at the Grand Ole Opry with a friend. I had 5 charge stops to get there. While I had some trouble on the 3rd charge (note the extra overhead time) it mostly went smoothly. The real pain on this trip were multiple lengthy traffic jams...
  6. DerekS

    Bad EA Day - Dallas <--> Temple TX

    So I'm not gonna lie...I had a bad EV day today. I went from Dallas to Temple - generally going to Round Rock or Austin is something I frequently do and it's usually no big deal with the Bellmead (Waco) EA charger in the middle. Today on the way out, it had me use an EVGo charger in DeSoto on...
  7. DerekS

    Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    I figured I'd start a fresh thread for us to share findings on the new software. So far things I've noticed: Apple Music sparks right up and works a lot more reliably. This is -without- the wifi hotspot feature, which expired for me and I didn't renew. Apple Podcasts are also substantially...
  8. DerekS

    Dumped Porsche Mobile Charger Plus for Wallbox Pulsar Plus

    I took @daveo4EV 's advice and just gave up on the Porsche charger once it started throwing charge errors at 100% power. I threw it in my trunk for an emergency, and I will get it repair when Porsche inevitably sends out repair notices. My use case for charging is: Charge to 85% on a daily...
  9. DerekS

    Heckled at the EA Charger in Amarillo TX

    So I'm working my way back home from my road trip, and I'm charging fairly late at night when a guy running the street sweeper in the Sam's Club parking lot pulled up. "If that thing took gas you'd be done already!" I was on a short charge hop so I countered that I was almost done and had only...
  10. DerekS

    Someone Educate Mustang Block E Drivers!

    I am really getting sick of these things making my charge stops longer by hogging 350kW pumps!! It maxes out at 150kW guy!!
  11. DerekS

    Road Trip Report - Texas to California Round Trip

    I attempted this once before and had to abort due to a health situation with my dog - I'm trying again and plan to leave this Saturday. A few more chargers have appeared since then including one in the middle of the Mojave, so that's cool! I've done this trip before in my Targa and could...
  12. DerekS

    May Charging Log

    If anyone is interested this is my charging log for the month of May. My electric rate is $0.089705/kWh. 5/6/2022 25.23 kWh: $2.26 5/7/2022 28.37 kWh: $2.54 5/9/2022 18.581 kWh: $7.14 NOTE: EVGo fast DC charger 5/11/2022 14.03 kWh: $1.26 5/14/2022 15.62 kWh: $1.40 5/14/2022 42.84 kWh: $3.84...
  13. DerekS

    Rented a Model Y

    My Taycan is in the shop so I rented a Model Y from Hertz. I was genuinely curious about how this would go. Do they have chargers on site? At this location the answer is NO, surprisingly! Not even level 2 or 1. They shuttle cars back and forth from the nearest Supercharger to keep them...
  14. DerekS

    AC Performs Poorly in Hot Weather

    Here in Texas the weather has started to get 90F+ and when that happens the AC just can't seem to do a good job of cooling the cabin. I've taken it in for this once and was told the AC pressure is fine and the temperature of the air was cool as expected. (It was not, however, a warm day at the...
  15. DerekS

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) Now Available in 21" Taycan Size!

    I am tempted to upgrade immediately - my conti's are terrible when wet.
  16. DerekS

    They fixed the calendar!!!

    I can’t believe it! After ten months of ownership and many updates the calendar finally performs it’s task of displaying events on the correct days! I am glad they pay attention and kudos to them for making it right. This gives me high hopes for fixing some of the other outstanding issues as...
  17. DerekS

    Charging Planner Has Limits!

    I'm about to embark on a long trip from Frisco TX to the Bay Area; my midpoint will be in Flagstaff, AZ. I found that if I attempt to route to Flagstaff (around 1000 miles), the charging planner just can't deal with gives up and says it can't find e-charging stations and asks you to add...
  18. DerekS

    Recall Frenzy

    The number of recalls on this car is getting ridiculous! I mean, I'm glad things are being fixed...but I've never had a car with this many recalls in under a year of ownership. So far I've had: AMB5: The "sudden shutdown" fix AMC1: The "hazard lights" fix WNA5: The "power electronics and...
  19. DerekS

    Broken A/C Club

    Well...shoot. Looks like I've joined the broken air conditioner club. I noticed today it seemed a little warm, cranked it to Max A/C and...nothing but ambient air temp. It's going in Tuesday for the software update so I guess I have two issues to fix now. EDIT: Well after parking for a while...
  20. DerekS

    Illuminate PORSCHE logo on the rear?

    The PORSCHE logo on the rear really looks like it wants to be illuminated. Has anyone managed to do this?