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  1. darth_maul_80

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    i use to think it was a dirty blue(saw a few in early spring) but have to admit that recently I’ve been seeing them again and they do look really nice! I like the way its colour changes with different light intensities. Still sticking to Carmine red for my GTS though 😝
  2. darth_maul_80

    Mistakes were made... 💸 (New Taycan GTS in Carmine Red)

    Beautiful car @derek can’t wait to get mine…also a Carmine red GTS (arriving next month hopefully)
  3. darth_maul_80

    What the F are these options, and do I need any of them ? (UK based)

    I agree. I prefer to charge with a wire. I do however use the wireless charger on a longer drive as a phone holder by placing the phone back to front so that it doesn’t charge but stowed nice and safe
  4. darth_maul_80

    Major Taycan accomplishment thanks to this forum 🛒

    What!!! I thought it was a Porsche optional extra that I didn’t tick! 😂
  5. darth_maul_80

    Theft protection tips?

    i fitted Autowatch ghost to mine...basically car just wont start even if your key code was intercepted with entering your personal code in
  6. darth_maul_80

    Sunday afternoon clean.....

    not actually correct. We are in northwest London Stanmore - work) and south bucks and both are affinity water and we don’t have a hosepipe ban here
  7. darth_maul_80

    Discoloration of plastic moulding - are other owners seeing this?

    To me it looks like some sort of polish may have touched it and then once it is exposed to elements turned white when I had my first cayenne it had plastic wheel arches and I accidentally managed to get some detailing polish onto it. Couldn’t get rid of the marks for ages until I found a cheap...
  8. darth_maul_80

    Mamba green and resale

    As I saw this car advert yesterday and you’ve now mentioned the colour ugly I’d post it up so you can see it (if you haven’t already seen the colour on a car) PTS Olive Green
  9. darth_maul_80

    App not working?

    Mine wasn’t working earlier, found that there was app update to 5.0.1 now it works again
  10. darth_maul_80

    Worlds first Grigio Telesto PTS Taycan GTS!

    I've seen this car when i was going home (we were two taycan passing each other lol) anywho...definitely caught my eye and gorgeous car!
  11. darth_maul_80

    Don't Insert Sexist Bad Drivers Joke Here... Taycan Crashes Into (and Under) Parked Macan

    I always thought after watching the video in the past that they accidentally initiated launch control!
  12. darth_maul_80

    Taycan CT4S - deep bass noise from car and dog stress

    I have no problem in my car with our Weimaraner. In fact I think she sleeps more in the CT than she did in the cayenne’s we had!
  13. darth_maul_80

    Emergency call function fault

    Just got it myself. Had it last month and it cleared before I got to the dealer a few days later (sods law) hopefully will clear it self again or I will have to get it looked at when they do pcm update
  14. darth_maul_80

    Key Fob Cloned - Car Broken Into

    I see you got the chalk coloured option...does it come in carmine red? :p
  15. darth_maul_80


    I’ve never got above 160kw at beaconsfield IONITY in any of the five occasions I tried it Milton Keynes though I got 265kw and it never charged me for some reason! I had always preheated but tbh I did also notice that fast charge battery optimisation was ticked in charging the day before I went...
  16. darth_maul_80

    Porsche Driving Experience @ Silverstone, UK - quick review

    you were tearing that track up along with the black turbo S (really wanted to get onto the track but made sure she had all the time) she prefers to be driven and is scared of the our CT4...told her she can manage it and good to do to brush up on skills. She absolutely loved it and was actually...
  17. darth_maul_80

    Porsche Driving Experience @ Silverstone, UK - quick review

    which car were you in?