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  1. 2021 US Configurator Finally Live!

    Thanks. Makes it an easy box to tick. Where did you get that information, as the 0-60's don't seem different (from another thread).
  2. 2021 US Configurator Finally Live!

    I had requested a 2021 allocation earlier in the year. Got an email from the dealer a few days ago that the build was about to freeze.
  3. 2021 US Configurator Finally Live!

    Congrats! My freeze date is tomorrow so I'm looking at the configurator now. I noticed that the 'Performance Battery Plus' option doesn't mention any power increase - if that is the case I'm tempted to drop it for the weight decrease as my daily commute is quite short. Also, I don't see the...
  4. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    I have an allocations which freezes in a few days. Porsche Fremont refused to discount off MSRP for a new custom order, but said they would discount the stock on the lot. There does seem to be quite a few Taycans in inventory - Fremont has 10 and Stevens Creek 12. I am considering just...