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  1. 2big2fioul

    Is taycan good for father-son relationship ?

    Don’t know what you ´re talking about ...
  2. 2big2fioul

    Is taycan good for father-son relationship ?

    First day with my son... Laugh or cry ? Both !
  3. 2big2fioul

    Phone location - CarPlay

    Under my but between my legs as i was used to. Sometims it fallssfrom the car when i get out
  4. 2big2fioul

    Brake Problem

    Press P button !
  5. 2big2fioul

    My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    3. The body line. I don't like the line on the lower front door/sill. The upper line doesn't follow the one below, looks wierd (it comes from the design of the Mission E). great idea !
  6. 2big2fioul

    20" Sport Aero Wheels, what do you think?

    AERO TURBO ... I apologize for that guys it sounds like a SAAB 900 turbo aero wheels
  7. 2big2fioul

    21 inch wheels on 4S

    my question was : can we use 20 on front and 21 on rear ? I am mad about the RS Spyder design 20/21 like a 911
  8. 2big2fioul

    Taycan - the "reverse" one-pedal driving. Comparison with Tesla model 3 performance after 1 month.

    @ron_b I agree so much that I bought one ... my point is not a technical speech : from the customer point of view, promoters of Tesla are mad of this brand and promoters of Porsche are also passionate. listening to both of them, understanding what they love each, let's try a Taycan ...