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  1. How many of you would still own the Taycan if it wasn’t better for the environment than a combustion car?

    I am not buying a Taycan for enviromental reasons at all.
  2. NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    The more I look at that video/picture the less i think that's acutally Neptune Blue. I think it's a paint to sample colour.
  3. Topaz does PPF and custom Carbon work on Taycan Turbo S

    Not mine. Just found it today on Youtube. Im sending my car to Topaz so I will get a quote for that work.
  4. Topaz does PPF and custom Carbon work on Taycan Turbo S

    Rear bits wrapped in carbon.
  5. Electrical system fault - service required

    My understanding is that if you do a manual release of the charging port, the charging system goes into a saftey mode that only Porsche can reset.

    I was wondering when he would do a video on the Taycan.
  7. Colder Times

    Lithum batteries are good until -20c
  8. Car is Dead

    Well looks like the battery problem happens even if the car is locked. Sombody wanted to know if anybody in the UK had 12V battery problem. Think this is the first UK 12V battery problem i've seen on this forum at least. At the end of the day I think the consensus is that its a faulty batch of...
  9. My car died overnight-12v

    Everytime any company "empowers" its empoyess on the front lines, a bunch of spare parts magically appear on ebay, every, single, time.
  10. UK Porsche Assist run by the AA!?

    People have been driving for literally 100 years without TMPS, i'm sure you'll be fine.
  11. Battery's range is a problem?

    83.7 kwh is usable out of 93.4 kwh. That makes 89% of the battery usable not 80. But yes you are right, it would be nice to have the option to use 100% every now and then. I'd sign a waiver.
  12. Electric bills post acquisition... EDF is offering 8p per KW/h which is really good for the UK. That's basically £7 for a full charge. So probably less as you will never go to 0%.
  13. Any buzzes/rattles?

    My Carrera has a few sounds coming from the headliner. A good wack with my hand every now and then fixes it.
  14. Porsche Official Statement on Taycan Battery Range - DPCcars

    I get 120 miles range (city driving only) with my Carrera and fill up once a week. So my Taycan will have double the range. But I understand some people for example have a daily commute of 70 miles each way and that makes you think more about range and having to charge your car everyday.
  15. Car died over night…

    Quick question. Did you switch off the car and lock it after you started charging it?