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  1. MTM2012

    3D Printed Valentine 1 Radar Mount (Optimized for Thermally Insulated Windshield)

    Just ordered from Will let you know when I get it. Seemed reasonably priced compared to a lot of the others.
  2. MTM2012

    Texas Residents Electric Vehicle Rebate

    I had the same question. This was their reply. Hello, I've corresponded with a Porsche representative. The Taycan in our eligible vehicle list does include the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. The 2020 is available in our eligible vehicle list, but the 2021 isn't yet-- those ones are waiting on their...
  3. MTM2012

    Texas Residents Electric Vehicle Rebate

    Application approved on Aug 21. Check dated Sep 11 and received a few days later. Pretty quick turn around. I only submitted one copy of everything (application says somewhere to submit 2). They didn't say anything about that. Dealer forgot to sign sales agreement and they gave 3 days to...
  4. MTM2012

    PMCC - Overheated

    Had the same issue. Was just advised to decrease the amperage. Occurs sporadically. Car charges each time completely. Live in Houston.
  5. MTM2012

    Flat Tire in Carmel!

    I was quoted $2,500 for 5 years of protection for the wheel/tire package. I opted out. You essentially have to destroy a wheel or 2 requiring replacement for it to be worth it. Replacement tires (at least at my dealer) come with a 2 yr road hazard warranty. Even with the wheel/tire package...
  6. MTM2012

    Texas Residents Electric Vehicle Rebate

    Wanted to throw this out there for Texas residents that may not be aware of the $2,500 grant for purchasing an EV or hybrid. There are currently 1,358 still available. Tesla cannot apply as they do not have physical dealerships.
  7. MTM2012

    Device temperature is too high Error Message

    Thanks. I had read a bit about the elevated cable temperatures but hadn't run across anyone with a device error. Haven't looked around too much for any fast chargers yet. The only in the 610 loop is near the Heights at a Walmart and is 150 kW. There are 2 350 kW chargers at a Walmart...
  8. MTM2012

    Device temperature is too high Error Message

    Anyone get this message? I have found it every time I have charged the car (3 time now). Charge primarily at night, but live in Houston and garage is not climate controlled. Charge process completes each time. Unclear at what point the error occurs.
  9. MTM2012

    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Turbo Gentian Blue PLMM7KW2 Houston 07/28/2020
  10. MTM2012

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Thank you. I'm on the Bishu Highway. Dealer in Houston. Nice to know that it's headed straight to Houston after the next stop in Baltimore.
  11. MTM2012

    Summer Tires

    The Turbo S can be optioned without AST, but not the Turbo for some reason. Maybe possible supply issue.
  12. MTM2012

    Any Taycans in Dallas/Ft Worth TEXAS?

    Had a NEMA 14-50 plug installed in Houston for $500. About 20' total run. Relatively new construction. Consider getting multiple quotes in your area or checking the Tesla forums for recommendations.
  13. MTM2012

    CarPlay wifi ?

    The smartphone tray / wireless charging area connects to the car's external antenna and will boost the cell signal.
  14. MTM2012

    Canceled my 4S Order, Purchased Dealer Demo Turbo Instead

    Could this be the demo I drove at Porsche North Houston? Sealed the deal for me. Drove it the day they got it and took a Turbo allocation that was still available for some reason. Sadly, looking like a July delivery at this point. Enjoy!!
  15. MTM2012

    Chalk beige interior

    The US models have different color names than other models depending on the market. Chalk (US) is called Crayon elsewhere. Likewise, Limestone beige (US) is called Chalk beige elsewhere.
  16. MTM2012

    Clear Side Markers

    Got mine recently from Suncoast, but it's looking like a May delivery on the car at this point if I'm lucky...
  17. MTM2012

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    I agree. Certain dark jeans do transfer. Light colored leather does show dirt/dye transfer more than darker colors and will require more frequent cleaning to maintain its appearance. I would not be more concerned about permanent staining than beige, but the chalk will require more work to...
  18. MTM2012

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    At least from what I can tell from the online configurator, the Black/Chalk interior IS two-tone and has the exact same look as the Basalt Black / Atacama Beige club leather at a more reasonable price.
  19. MTM2012

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Placed a last minute order on Jan 20 for reported first week of April delivery on a turbo. Was supposed to lock before that date, but still allowed dealer to make changes. Hadn’t heard from anyone about my deposit and contacted the manager. The original guy who took my deposit left and I think...