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  1. dalvidds

    Jet Metallic Black PPF finish

    As I’m awaiting delivery of my Taycan 4S sedan, I’m also approaching crunch time on making a decision on the full body PPF. I’m between Xpel Fusion Ceramic to maintain the gloss look vs Stealth + Ceramic to go matte. Would appreciate any input from anyone who’s gone with one or the other or...
  2. dalvidds

    Porsche Compensation for Delays

    As many of us start to finally receive our vehicles… it would be interesting to see if we can create a general sense on if, what, and how PCNA or your dealership may do to compensate for the delay. I emailed my dealership/ambassador now that my vehicle is on the way. My two points being...
  3. dalvidds

    12V Battery has been installed?

    My vehicle was supposed to arrive on 8/12. Then the 12v shortage. Delivery rescheduled to 12/02. Just checked TYD. Delivery scheduled for 11/25. My Taycan in now at Emden Port as of today. Does this mean the 12v battery has been installed so it’s left the storage warehouse? Or is Porsche just...
  4. dalvidds

    TYD Question….

    So my 4S build was supposed to start production on 6/17….TYD is still not updated as showing in production. What’s everyone else’s experience been like with the timings and dates provided on TYD? Is it up to date, meaning that if my car had started production, it would most definitely be showing...