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  1. Jasper4S

    Which rims are these?

    Hi everyone! My last two months can be summarized as “playing with the taycan configurator” as my lock date is in the near future. I’m still doubting about the wheels I want for my 4S ST. I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos and I think i’ve read almost all threads on this forum to inform...
  2. Jasper4S

    Smart home integration w/ Taycan?

    I saw a lot of fellow software engineers are on this forum and are Taycan owners. I’m one myself, and I was wondering, did any of you already succeed in bringing your car to your smart home? I know about IPace and Tesla integrations, but can’t find something for Porsche. I believe it would be...
  3. Jasper4S

    Rate my 4s - my first sports / electric car

    Hi everyone! Since a week I'm proud - soon to be - owner of a 4s Sport Turismo (may 2023). It's my first sports car and also my first electric car. Picking options is giving me more stress than expected and making me more nervous than necessary. I really could use your advice and opinions...