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  1. 21" Summer tires on GTS, which one have been showing up from factory?

    Could be, subjectively I found the Goodyear’s to be louder than the Pirelli’s. Also the official Db is higher with Goodyear. I will upgrade to F1 asymmetric 5 or Michelin P4S if I dislike the stock tires.
  2. New tyre tread depth?

    I think 8mm or even more is an exception these days. It’s more around 7mm looking at test results .
  3. Problems with regeneration feature on 4S Taycan since the major update

    Just give it time and the regen should come back, judging on other’s experiences?
  4. Problems with regeneration feature on 4S Taycan since the major update

    I think it’s resetting/relearning like when it was brand new.
  5. RC Taycan available at Macy's

    We have the PlayMobile one. Mission E it’s called. Highly recommended, multiple speed settings, lights on/off etc.
  6. Just joined - Newby - Ordered my Taycan last week

    My suggestion list is completely opposite to this 😂. Just shows everyone has their own reasons for all the options. Good luck!
  7. In need of pictures of truffle brown interior!

    Great colour, but indeed a tremendous amount of it…
  8. BMW i7

    These new designs will make me switch to a different German brand, after owning BMW’s for >15 years.
  9. Taycan S?

    I would be highly interested in a RDW S. Perhaps with dual motors on the rear axle to help traction, taken from that new uberGT version?
  10. ICE GREY Taycan Club

    Beautiful, I really dig the black door handles on Ice Grey.
  11. Discoloration of plastic moulding - are other owners seeing this?

    Looks like some aggressive/incorrect cleaning liquid touched these parts, perhaps when getting the ppf applied? Should be restorable with proper products.
  12. 12 Volt Battery Shortage

    Meanwhile this is showing in the online PCM Simulator, German humor?
  13. Test drive and negotiation tips

    Consider the electric charge covers, my reasons: Used often, daily? When I charge at home, I often forget to close the on our X3 30e. The standard ones feel flimsy, non Porsche like. Less risk that a jealous person breaks off the cover. No debris build up in the open vents, worse when you have...
  14. Bubble in my front goodyear eagle f1 TTS

    Good call on replacing it, this bubble indicates that there is internal damage below.
  15. Visceral's Mamba Green Metallic Taycan Cross Turismo w/ Signature Wheels

    Great look! What are the specs of th wheels/tires?
  16. Anybody else taking advantage of the exchange rates for winter rim/tire sets?

    Michelin 21” tires right? I wonder if they are NFO. If so, time to certify the new Pilot Sport EV for summer!
  17. Old v New Firmware - Efficiency Test. Side by Side.

    Too bad the tires are not the same, a big part of the difference could very well be down to that.