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  1. DL81

    Pure Green Taycan Turbo S PTS is in production

    Didn't know you were able to see photos of production like that! Would've loved to see my regular old chalk being built last year. But it only available for pts cars?
  2. DL81

    PCM 6 Update Oddities

    My only wish is the driver's door handle extending more than half the time. Nothing better than walking up to the car, key in pocket and waiting for the handle to extend. I have to then take key out of pocket and motion it around the handle to work. It's all just an awkward sequence more often...
  3. DL81

    Help with Lease - car arriving in 10 days

    I mean capitalized cost- referring to the MSRP of the car. Cap cost reduction is anything to reduce the cost of the car- discount, down payment, trade in etc. Simply put, your biggest potential saving is the dollar amount you negotiate from MSRP. As someone mentioned there is some wiggle room in...
  4. DL81

    Help with Lease - car arriving in 10 days

    The only thing that you can really negotiate on is the cap cost, which is the actual price of the car(MSRP). Residual and mf are set from manufacturer, but do fluctuate monthly. I haggled about 8% off MSRP not including 7500 tax credit, but that was in June 2021. Oh and try to put as little...
  5. DL81

    Porsche Connect in Google Play Store

    Same here..just picked up my car yesterday and couldn't find it in the play store. When I link to it from Google chrome, it says "it's not available in your country". Hope they come out with a fix soon