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  1. End of my Taycan Journey

    Your Porsche Taycan may be gone, But its sacrifice will live on. In that moment of danger and fear, It protected you, its driver dear. It may have been just a car to some, But to you it was so much more. A symbol of your love of speed, And your passion for all things sleek. But in its final...
  2. Pure Green Taycan Turbo S PTS is in production

    Amazing color! That will be a head turner on the road. Please keep us updated with more pictures once delivered! :clap:
  3. Video: What Taycan versions / options are affected by current production delays

    Curious to know why there is a delay in getting electric sport sound?
  4. Taycan Cross Turismo in snow with Pirelli winter tires, Gravel Mode and roof box

    Looking awesome OP! By the way, curious to know how much that roof box affects range?
  5. B-pillar option recommendations?

    It is in Switzerland at least. Adds a cool 2'000 on top of the 500 for the B-pillar alone.
  6. My first Porsche

    I have just realized I forgot to tick this box with my Taycan order. Anyone know if it is possible to retrofit?
  7. Where do you keep your car?

    I should have been more clear. The 230cm is just the opening of the garage. Once in, I will have about 9feet of freedom to get out from the driver's side.
  8. Where do you keep your car?

    How wide are you guys' garages? I will take delivery of my Taycan end of the year and I am worried that I might have to expand the width of my garage... something I would really like to avoid. My garage width measures 230cm (90.5 in), in your experience would this be sufficient?
  9. First 3 weeks of ownership

    Thank you so much for your reply! I am definitely leaning towards adding RAS to my order before the lock-up. Enjoy your beautiful car, I hope it will give you plenty of joyful km!
  10. First 3 weeks of ownership

    Great read, thanks for sharing this! I have recently pulled the trigger on a 4S FBM and I am having second thoughts about not speccing the following two options, I am wondering if you could expand on your experiences having tried both? Rear Axle Steering: in your opinion how noticeable is it...