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  1. Ormond

    Finally MY 2021 Taycan 4s is here

    It’s a beautiful car. I hope you enjoy it. Drive it in good health! :like:
  2. Ormond

    Time to Say Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Electrons.

    I want to thank you for your contributions to the forum. I’ve enjoyed your posts and photos. I hope that your new adventures bring you happiness. @louv I wish you and your cat safe & healthy travels!
  3. Ormond

    Surprise Gift from Porsche

    Today I am happily reminiscing about the many (pre-COVID-19) meals eaten at car dealerships over the years. One time I happened upon the launch event for the Bentley Flying Spur and enjoyed a catered lunch and a test drive. When I test drove and ordered the Taycan, I wore a Porsche golf shirt...
  4. Ormond

    Surprise Gift from Porsche

    I haven’t received my car yet, but when I gave my deposit I took three cans of Diet Coke, five bags of pretzels, and filled my pockets with enough candy for any trick or treaters that might show up at Halloween. Oh, I forgot I took a variety of tea bags too.
  5. Ormond

    Porsche Taycan Turbo Unique Design and Features - Joe Hutchinson

    On my test drive, I found the sound to be rather lame too. It reminded me of some of the noises my old Camry Hybrid made when I was braking and coasting. I always thought that I was hearing a siren in the distance.
  6. Ormond

    Charging your Taycan at an Electrify America Station

    How to Charge Your Porsche Taycan at One of Electrify America's Charging Stations!! Pcarwhisperer
  7. Ormond

    Ooh carbon fibre

    I’d like a dining room table made out of that material!
  8. Ormond

    Another Taycan Turbo delivery!!!

    The white turbo is a beautiful auto. Drive it in good health!
  9. Ormond

    A Tale of Two Taycans

    Drive it in good health!
  10. Ormond

    travel via Porsche dealers

    They do have restrooms and free snacks.
  11. Ormond

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I also test drove yesterday and was impressed. My expected date of arrival is January 29, 2021.
  12. Ormond

    Official CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Thread

    It looks very nice, beautiful color.
  13. Ormond

    2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    I was at the dealership today, and forgot to look at the coffee beige metallic. I looked at the ice gray but kept carrara white.
  14. Ormond

    Accidentally upsold myself!

    I wish it were easier to compare the two trim levels. Did I miss a feature on the web site? If your 12v dies will the power charge port open?
  15. Ormond

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Luke, How much is the HUD option for 2021? When is it available?
  16. Ormond

    2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    @LukeManning How much does Ice Grey cost? I think it’s more expensive, like red.
  17. Ormond


    @Dave T Beautiful car. Drive it in good health!
  18. Ormond

    Leaf Peeping

    Did you buy the car to match your cat or visa versa?
  19. Ormond

    Car died over night…

    This is depressing. I just left a deposit today! Keep us posted on your resolution. :fingerscrossed: