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  1. Modified Taycan Turbo S by DRKN

    Could you be a little clearer? How do you really feel?? :)
  2. Discover the Unknown – Taycan Road Trip – The Beauty of Romania - Porsche

    I have a guy from Romania on my team and this is pretty much how he describes his country. He says it is getting better and has a lot of potential.
  3. Discover the Unknown – Taycan Road Trip – The Beauty of Romania - Porsche

    I enjoyed the video. The road “Trans-something” looks like an amazing drive. Zero comments on the car in the video though. With that infrastructure, I wonder what the charging options would be? Probably need to have the Porsche charger truck follow you around.
  4. Taycan Turbo S with Mission E Concept style wheels

    Yes, please as I am also in Toronto.
  5. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    And if not, why? Other cars available in Canada have a similar feature. My dealer told me it wasn’t available due to regulations. Not sure I buy that. I would have added the option if it was on the list (it wasn’t on his MY2021 tool).
  6. Vehicle Key in Leather in Leather Pouch

    I didn’t end up adding the leather key to my build... but I did add the colour matched key with the leather pouch in contrast stitching to match my car. Which of course led to the floor mats with matching contrast stitching. I really need this spec to be locked to stop this madness. I need to...
  7. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    I have my MY2021 order and compared it to my previous MY2020 in Canada. All of the options are the same price except the charger. Although the charger is now a “free” option, the base price of the care increases by the amount of the charger. My dealer is really transparent and pointed this...
  8. Pod point a good choice and where to mount?

    I am in the same situation. No cell and no WiFi at my parking spot. I bought the Flo charger. Looks and works great - I just don’t have the car yet.
  9. Time to Say Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Electrons.

    I have also enjoyed your subtle cultural references, even this goodbye with the reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Well done. Your humour will be missed.
  10. Glacier Blue - Decisions

    I have the GB headlights on my order (white car). I debated adding the rear in GB as well. It have decided against it. I actually like the look of the clear lettering. Black would be nice as well, but I think I will stick with standard. I think the GB might stand out a little too much. It...
  11. Surprise Gift from Porsche

    It is not just you! I only got goodies at the launch event (glass water jug and the white paperweight). I have had nothing sent to me personally. I now wish I loaded up on snacks too!!
  12. Why would I get the 14-30, 6-30 or 6-50 supply cables?

    I thought in Canada it is also a 14-50 plug unless you choose another option in the configuration tool. I had thought the 6-50 was the option and 14-50 the standard. I don’t have my car yet, but will be installing a plug at parents’ place for when I visit there. I have my Flo charger...
  13. Onboard cell phone charger fits larger sized cell phones?

    I think the reference to the cable is so you can use CarPlay. I bought one of those right angle cables for CarPlay purposes even though it will charge wirelessly.
  14. Welcome Illumination?

    Perhaps you need to open your heart to truly see the difference with the black option??
  15. Contrast stitching - has Porsche lost the plot?

    My build date was pushed from November to February due to contrast stitching. April arrival in Canada. I went with Guards Red on Olea Basalt Black. Car is Carrera White. I also got floor mats with Guards Red stitching and the case for colour matched key has Guards Red stitching. i debated...
  16. Bose or base audio system?

    Good luck stating within the speed limit if Run to the Hills is blasting through your sound system!!
  17. Official CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Thread

    I think I prefer the dash without it, but I also have it on my build. I like the idea of having the power meter on the HUD and the extended map on the dash display.
  18. Noises driving me nuts

    Agreed. I find that dismissive attitude troubling from the dealer. Thanks for clarifying.
  19. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I have a delivery date in April and I placed my order September 2019! I am not surprised you got March.