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  1. GreggT

    Ready for winter

    For what it's worth.....I went against my previous post and decided to just use the Porsche suggested 20" tire least for this year. I just ran out of time to spend on this. I will be running Pirelli Scorpion Winter-Snows on a set of Techart Formula 1's that I was able to find on...
  2. GreggT

    The naked frunk (front trunk cover / shroud removed)

    Holy crap. It's my wife's car and one of the 1st thing she said was, 'kinda a small front trunk'. Well, appears the design team got about every square inch they could.
  3. GreggT

    2020 Taycan Drivers Manual / Owners Manual [PDF]

    Following up here......apparently 118ftlb. is actually correct. Pretty hefty.....I think even more than center-lock GT3's
  4. GreggT

    2020 Taycan Drivers Manual / Owners Manual [PDF]

    OK.....I found the 1st typo in the 325 page owners manual :rolleyes:. I added spacers to kick the wheels out a tad and thought I'd check, for giggles, what lug bolt torque the manual said Porsche said they'd like. I was just curious since having Pcars for years and always using the 95-97...
  5. GreggT

    Ready for winter

    Thanks for sharing......not sure how to explain our difference in impressions. One of our cars an E55 AMG has separate winter fitments though reg wide AMG profile fitted w/ Dunlop winter snows.....but not all-wheel. There is no way the AMG would compare to a C4S w/narrower Sotos. The C4S would...
  6. GreggT

    Car died over night…

    'Connect App' ?..........not using Charging America app at the E.American stations?
  7. GreggT

    Ready for winter

    Good comments here.....I'd 2nd the advice that 'All Season' are not up to the challenge as Winter/Snows.....and, that tires are more important than the 'All Wheel'. Driven 911s in the Great White North for 30 years and am shopping right now for Tay fitments. I've mentioned before that I've...
  8. GreggT


    Thanks for sharing your tale......tough to read. Gotta say...the reference to the Walmart EA station caught my eye since it's just down the street from my business. What a weird place to but a whole raft of new EA pumps. Your Tay and mine must be the only EV's that have ever charged there...
  9. GreggT

    3D Printed Removable Front Plate Mount for Taycan (Print Files Attached)

    Darn nice of you to share your work w/all but.........sorry, gota ask, in WI you need a front plate? I've owned/driven Pcars in WI for 30 years......never put a front plate on. I'm here in Mad-town but my cars are driven all over the state.
  10. GreggT

    EA for the win! OMG these people are nuts!!

    I have communicated with Porsche Connect multiple times on this.....and even sent them links to similar discussions on the other Taycan forum. Definitely are software issues here....Charging America app communicating with E.America system and it communicating with PCNA-Connect. I have yet to...
  11. GreggT

    Help with colour choice?

    I'd add, and it's been said before, that Dol.Silver is most poorly represented by the CG'd representations on the configurator, at least on the Taycan pages. Pull up that 2020 color on other Pcar models and, see owner pics to be safe. It is not darker than GT Silver and is almost as bright as...
  12. GreggT

    Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    Oh....just call Porsche Connect and they'll put a Service Ticket in on that. I'm sure it will be addressed right away :-) .
  13. GreggT

    My First Public Charge (Charging NA) - Massive Fail!

    I just share this ....from 5 minutes ago....Atlanta says....use the PorscheConnect app for charging, at least for now......apparently Charging America is doing 'updates'.....or so they say.
  14. GreggT

    My First Public Charge (Charging NA) - Massive Fail!

    Spent an hour yesterday (in the hot sun) at a Madison, WI E.America charger. Only my 2nd time trying to charge....both unsuccessful. PorscheConnect Support says my account is good for free charging....not. Again I was using the ChargingAmerica go. 800# support from E.America again...
  15. GreggT

    Electrify America Poll

    Only my 2nd charge at an E.America location using the ChargeAmerica app. Once a again, no go. The E. America location did not recognize me....took another hour w/help from the E.America 800# lady. She turned on the station from her end, again. Aline J. at Porsche Connect Support says my...
  16. GreggT

    Homelink Shortcut. Hey Porsche?

    .....has nothing to do with Porsche. I understand your defense of our Pcar company.....but they chose the Homelink exclusive format not the other way around. Other Pcars of mine work fine with my operator as do the Mercedes. As for security.....thanks for the interest however my home and garages...
  17. GreggT

    Homelink Shortcut. Hey Porsche?

    Yep thanks.....both 'holding' the clicker button as well as 'holding' the PCM button are are points the manual neglects to mention. Searched for our opener on the Homelink site list....nothing, though it's a very common opener. Glad I have an extra clicker :). Disappointed Porsche did not...
  18. GreggT

    Homelink Shortcut. Hey Porsche?

    Dee....good point. How do you "check' ? It's an "Overhead Door Co." operator that works fine with the wife's 997.2 and w/ other cars.
  19. GreggT

    Homelink Shortcut. Hey Porsche?

    Good question.....that would be good. I've not gotten Homelink to work at still using a separate clicker.
  20. GreggT

    Radar/Laser Detectors - Hardwired

    Great write-up.....kudos to you.