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  1. Head-up Display MJ 2021

    yes, I know - I’ve had HUD in my cars for over 15 years. I miss it. Mostly for the speed. With HUD you always know your speed. Having to glance down is somehow a bit of a hardship. And I do exceed the speed limit once in a while in this car, so it’s nice to know your speed.
  2. What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    I was paying $.035/kWh for a “greenup” charge, but then did some searching and found an all green supplier that was cheaper than the non green electricity fee from my utility.
  3. What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    About 9 cents here in Mass.
  4. My custom painted wheels

    I think powder coating is best, but I'm not sure if that's possible with two colors.
  5. My custom painted wheels

    Those wheels look nice! If you don’t mind - what was the cost to paint the wheels? And what type of paint is it?
  6. New PCM Features for Taycan - Apple Podcasts & Music’s Time-Synced Lyrics for Passenger Display [2021 now equipped with Wireless Apple Carplay]

    this sounds nice: Maps on iOS 14 will be able to track the user’s current charge and notice things such as elevation and whether it needs to automatically add charging stops along the customer’s route, noted Stacey Lysic, Apple’s senior director.
  7. First official look: 7 new colors for 2021 Taycan: Neptune Blue, Cherry, Frozenberry, Coffee Beige, Mohagony, Ice Grey, Crayon

    Cool color! I’d love to see it in person. From the pictures it’s hard to tell it isn’t white!
  8. Key fob flashing red?

    I don’t believe this is true. Your settings are stored in the car and are associated with your profile, not the key. The car chooses which profile to use based on your key. So the settings are not stored in the key itself. That would be an odd way to implement the functionality.
  9. Ready for winter

    I just found out something many of you probably already know - many of the online tire dealers offer custom painting of wheels. I configured a few options that look pretty sweet (, No idea what they charge for this, you have to request a quote. Which I am waiting...
  10. Ready for winter

    So your winter wheels are the same size as your summers? I was thinking it would be better to get narrower wheels for the snows.
  11. Wheel/Tire storage bags

    I just use large heavy duty leaf bags. They’ve worked fine for me!
  12. Time to Say Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Electrons.

    Wow! So sorry to see you go, Louv! I’ve really enjoyed your posts, and you’ve been such a huge help to everyone here on the forum. I doubt anyone will ever catch your record “reaction score” points! I’m sure everyone will be interested to hear what price you end up getting. Yours might very...
  13. Ready for winter

    Thanks! I just might copy you and get the same. Right now, Performance Alloys' website crashes when I put in Taycan where you select your car. And it asks me whether or not my car is a "Y1A" model, I don't know what that means. I emailed Performance Alloys, hopefully they'll fix it. Also...
  14. Ready for winter

    What was the cost, if you don’t mind my asking? And what was the shipping cost? It must have been a lot! Why didn’t you order wheels from a place in the US?
  15. Has anybody tried CarPlay2 Air adapter for wireless CarPlay?

    I emailed Copilot, one of the wireless CarPlay adapter vendors, asking if they had plans to add support for the taycan. Here’s their reply: We are always updating our system for the newer Taycan variants and hope to offer this soon! “Newer Taycan variants”??? Haha.
  16. Charging clock doesn’t match car clock

    What he said. I thought the same thing the first time I saw that screen. It could be made more clear.
  17. NY Times Article: How Green Is That Electric Car [Taycan & Model S]? And When It Hits 100 M.P.H.?

    It's true that the source of electricity is a very important consideration. You're not so green if the electricity you're charging your car with is coming from a coal fired power plant. But one thing that the article doesn't consider is that you often have an option of a greener source of your...
  18. PASM light kind of lit...but..maybe not...

    And who said that dealers wouldn’t have any service revenue from the Taycan!
  19. Car died over night…

    Would it fit there? The glove box is pretty small. It’s like it was actually designed to hold no more than a pair of gloves!
  20. CHALK Taycan Club

    I had my white mission E wheels ceramic coated, and they seem to stay clean. YMMV.