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  1. The naked frunk (front trunk cover / shroud removed)

    So much for EV’s containing few components and being virtually maintenance free. Something tells me the Taycan will be very expensive to own after the warranty runs out.
  2. Storage package!!

    Yes it is, and I find it extremely useful as it keeps my grocery bags from dancing around and spreading their content all over the trunk:like:
  3. 2021 Taycan Changes & New Features — Official Announcement

    I don’t know about losing the game in connected cars, but they will lose me and probably many other customers. When I ordered the car, I was assured that all new software related functions and improvements would be available also to us early adopters. If that turns out to be a lie I’m done with...

    I both hope and expect that no Porsche enthusiasts would even think about installing such a device. I’m sure Porsche can easily find out and expose this type of fraud. Well, just one more thing to be aware of and check for if buying a second hand car.
  5. 12V battery problem issue with your Taycan?

    There is no such thing as an “emergency hood release on the a-pillar”. Unfortunately the only way to release the hood is by opening the fuse box and use jump leads, just like with newer 911’s.
  6. Drive a Taycan through Europe from Oslo to Malaga - Erik Windahl Olsen

    Far as I know the plan is still 400 charging sites but I doubt they will reach that number by the end of this year. Though they have already passed 280 (currently 283 live or under construction) so maybe there is still some hope;) Last week I did a 1500 km trip from Stavanger, Norway to...
  7. Porsche charging station costs

    The way I see it Porsche Charging Service is a total rip off when charging on anything other than Ionity chargers. I had hope of not having to deal with umpteen different apps when charging away from home but no such luck. I refuse to pay exorbitant prices for the “convenience” of getting the...
  8. Porsche charging station costs

    I don’t really care about the price of gas but I would never use a card or service that resulted in paying twice the going rate ;)
  9. Taycan Production Resumes May 4 at Zuffenhausen

    Nah, it looks more like they are putting the final touches on the cars that were almost completed when the factory was shut down.
  10. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    I went with 20" Taycan Turbo Aero Wheels. I like the design and also the fact that they give better range and less road noise than the 21” wheels.
  11. 'Standard' leather vs. Olea leather?

    You can choose between Neodyme and Darksilver interior accents. I choose Darksilver which I think looks much better than Neodyme.
  12. Software Update at the Porsche Center

    My Turbo got the update the same day I picked it up so nothing to compare with. Everything is working fine so far :)
  13. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Couple of pics from yesterdays drive in the nice spring sun :)
  14. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    Hi! I'm very happy with Ruyters, they have done a very good job with my Taycan and also on another car a couple of years ago. Had a nice little drive yesterday, it looks absolutely fantastic out in the sun:)
  15. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    Thank's, that's what I thought because I had never heard of such a thing.
  16. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    No, I checked the whole car and it looked fine to me. Symmetrical, not too tight, not too much gap.
  17. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    The interior is Olea Club Leather in Basalt Black. The lighting in the pictures makes it look a bit greyish, it is actually more black in real life.
  18. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    There is no Orange Peel, the paint quality is very good, just like the other Porsche cars I have owned. The swirls are not bad and will be easily removed by the polishing that's done prior to applying the ceramic coating.
  19. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    I will, the first real road trip in the mountains will be when they open Suleskard and the serpentine road down to Lysebotn:)
  20. My Taycan Turbo made it to Norway before the shutdown

    No, in the pictures it's raw, straight from the factory. Since I was going for a proper 2 layer Modesta ceramic coating my dealership only did a technical check on the car and then charged it up before they took it over to my detailer. I am eager to take ownership of the car but I got a...