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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    I use both my car timer and set my EO charger to only operate between 00.30 and 04.30 just to be sure.
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    Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    Concaver Wheels
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    That's me.
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    Ready for winter

    What wheel width and offsets did you go with?
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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Octopus arranged for the fitment of my Level 2 smart meter straight away when I joined which was about 2 months ago. Their standing charge is circular 25p per day which is pretty standard.
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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Yes I plug in on a timer most nights for the 4 hours. If you have used more than 28kw then just set it to keep charging after 04.30 which will be at the normal rate of 13 odd pence. Yes roughly £1.40 for 85 miles.
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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Yes. Nothing beats Octopus. I only charge during the 4 allocated hrs 00.30 & 04.30 at 5p which gives me 85 miles for the day at 5p.
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    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Looks great.
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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    Yes Agile is another Octopus Tariff but a bit more complicated than the Go Tariff.
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    Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    New customer credit of £100 just been announced. The deal is available for 8 days only. Octopus Go is 5pKW 00.30 - 04.30. 4000 miles has cost me £63 in electricity cost.
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    Need your input - which winter wheels for my turbo S

    So is that a wheel configurator or have you superimposed?
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    Performance Plus Battery

    In the UK the predicted residual value of the Performance Battery Plus version is higher by pretty much the cost of the bigger battery so a no brainer to get the bigger battery. I do get where you're coming from though but Porsche UK website does show small performance increases in most...
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    Bettery Degradation after 6 Month - 11% can it be ?

    You can edit what it shows in the car settings.
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    2021 US Configurator Finally Live!

    0-60 is the same due to extra weight of bigger battery. Slight performance difference will be more apparent 0-100, 0-125, 30-70, 50-70 etc. click on technical specs.
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    Electric bills post acquisition...

    My first 4000 miles has cost me £62.40 here in the UK. Charging only between 00.30 & 04.30 on the Octopus Go Tariff at 5p per KW.
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    2021 US Configurator Finally Live!

    Performance Battery Plus 562hp on overboost, 482hp normally. Performance Battery 522hp on overboost, 429hp normally.
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    Central Display - Proximity Sensor

    Good question. Looking forward to an answer.
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    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    I'd say Frozen.
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    ‘PORSCHE’ Logo LED Door Courtesy Lights

    No. The new ones were smaller and would just go straight through the hole when the old ones were removed. They tried a set from another box to check it wasn't a mislabelled box.