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  1. NormF

    Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I haven’t used the ones out front at Porsche Vancouver, but I think they are just Level 2. They might have a DC charger in the back for internal use.
  2. NormF

    Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Yes. I have 21’s for my all seasons.
  3. NormF

    Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

  4. NormF

    Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I purchased winter tires on separate rims. The all seasons aren’t snow flake rated and you risk getting a ticket at Whistler or other snowy areas. I read a post by a guy from Colorado who said his car performed really well with snow tires in ugly ice and snow conditions.
  5. NormF

    Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I tried this same Petro Canada charger in Abbotsford a few weeks ago and the output was 106 Kw. I tried the Petro Can on Lynn Valley Rd In NVan and it output 130. BTW, 270 is the max you will ever see from these even though they say up to 350. The output is highly dependent on the grid in the...
  6. NormF

    New PCM Features for Taycan - Apple Podcasts & Music’s Time-Synced Lyrics for Passenger Display [2021 now equipped with Wireless Apple Carplay]

    Official press release at the link. Unclear how many of these are software upgrades for 2020 models. I guess we will hear in January 2021.
  7. NormF

    How many of you would still own the Taycan if it wasn’t better for the environment than a combustion car?

    Definitely the most fun car to drive that I have ever owned. Some of that results from the hp and torque delivered by the electric motors. Beautiful styling on top of it. The environmental impact is nice but was not the primary decision factor for me.
  8. NormF

    Why would I get the 14-30, 6-30 or 6-50 supply cables?

    I purchased a simple hook at the local hardware store
  9. NormF

    A trip report - Santa Cruz to Thunderhill and back again

    Your numbers are consistent with what I have experienced. at the current state of my car’s “learning” (1,000 miles) The range predicted is fairly accurate in Normal mode. My trip tests indicate that Range mode (using cruise control) gains an additional 13% in distance over what the Taycan is...
  10. NormF

    Why would I get the 14-30, 6-30 or 6-50 supply cables?

    For Canadian newbies, Porsche supplies a 6-50 plug with the car charger delivered with your car (Verify that with your dealer). So you simply need your electrician to install a 6-50 socket (240v/50amp) with the appropriate gauge wire to handle that much juice. depending on your panel and supply...
  11. NormF

    TIL: Charge rate in kWh on center console control panel

    Good tip. Thanks for sharing.
  12. NormF

    Taycan has fastest charge rate in KW and miles range per hour of charging

    I have experimented with a number of DC chargers and found that their output is usually less than what they say, often a lot less. My EE friends say this is because the grid capacities in any given area vary widely. If their are multiple chargers in use next to one another this can also reduce...
  13. NormF

    Noises driving me nuts

    I have had my Taycan Turbo for 3 weeks. Love the car, but it does suffer some first version deficiencies. An intermittent annoying rattle has shown up somewhere in the dash on the driver’s side when pavement is a little rough.
  14. NormF

    Great car that dealer cannot explain how to set up features

    I agree. There are almost too many options to program/customize. The tech guy at my dealership was OK but I don’t think they have been fully trained on many things (such as charging). The Porsche website is woefully inadequate with regard to technical info/videos etc.