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  1. Burmeister Audio Settings / Tuning

    Were you using the premium or the HiFi version of Tidal. Separation and depth seem little different between Spotify and Tidal Premium.
  2. UK Taycan Insurance

    Everything drops once you get the other side of 50!
  3. Completion date at factory 12th November - when can I pick it up?

    I have Nov 3 build date and was told Nov 28 delivery. I have questioned the chat about delays and my dealer says that they are still expecting to be able to keep to this timeline, but leave an extra week as contingency - Porsche Reading. I am always a little sceptical about such things, but he...
  4. Latest Gift from Porsche

    Feeling a little jealous of those who received a USB charger.
  5. Octopus Energy £100 New Customer Credit.

    All good if you have a level 2 smart meter. I have spent a week trying to get an answer from current supplier Scot Power when they will fit a smart meter and the best I can get is by 2025 latest!!! OVO Energy have a smart meter tariff and expect to be able to fit within 3 months. Some get outs...
  6. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    4S ordered August 25 through Reading Porsche. Have been told build will be complete 3rd November and delivery 4 weeks later. Happy days.
  7. 2021 Audi e-tron GT, the Taycan's sibling...

    As a lifetime Audi driver, I would have has the Audi (in Daytona grey). If they were both available, but I could not wait. The factory shots for the GT look very similar to the Taycan production line?! Are they built in the same factory? We seem to be right on the edge of a tipping point where...
  8. "Big Butt" Taycan Cross Turismo Spotted While Charging

    Looked like the driver was struggling to get the charger to disconnect- he kept locking and unlocking the car.
  9. While driving along, sudden stop and "Electrical fault"

    Excuse my scepticism, bit that seems like a lot of work and a VERY big expense just for the sake of temperature sensor! Thrilled yougot your car back though. I hope your travels are un eventful in the future.
  10. Taycan roof rack and accessories

    Be aware that the roof bars are only able to be connected to a Taycan with the glass roof. There are no mounting lugs with the standard roof, so you would have to use seasucker or similar without the pano roof. I have ordered roof bars with the car and will log some information on range losses...
  11. Poll - did you get the Power Charge Port and would you change if you could?

    Hi Bruce The powered charging port was something that I thought I didn’t need, but was the only thing I added after submitting my order with the dealer. It is just a little bit of theatre that I just had to have. Once she saw it working, my wife could see no reason not to have it too. It’s...
  12. UK Taycan Insurance

    Try A Plan Private clients in High Wycombe. Great service and competitive.
  13. Ready for winter

    #TAYC4N Whilst we have had little snow in the South of England for 3 years, the country is gridlocked if we do. 4wd makes little difference for moving forward or braking. I live on top of theChilterns and if it does snow there are often 4wd Porsches and BMWs abandoned at the bottom of the hills...
  14. Home Charging UK

    Hi David I have order in and expect delivery in December. My dealer suggested Andersen EV over other options and I do like the look - massive range of colours, cable hidden away, lockable. They will also install a Porsche charger if you prefer. They seem very happy to talk all variable with you...
  15. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello! Test drive on my birthday in August, but just not long enough. My wife was very uneasy until she got behind the wheel and then totally got it. Ordered my 4S in Gentian blue with Reading Porsche UK for delivery in December. Less than perfect time to drive a 2.5 ton car on wide summer...
  16. Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    The thread was for must have. I did actually add racetex heated steering wheel (recommendation by Thomas on Autogefuhl), internal disco lights as blue inside looks great with Gentian blue exterior, 150kw on board DC charging pack (should be standard) because I want every ability to charge at the...
  17. Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    Taycan 4S due for delivery December. Bought through my own company as works out cheaper than a BMW M340i in the UK due to tax breaks. I think must have is 360 degree cameras as it’s impossible to see out of the back and the car is enormous for us Brits. Luckily heated seats now standard. I have...