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  1. UK Taycan Insurance

    Thank you, I’ll give them a try.
  2. UK Taycan Insurance

    I’ve never heard of Novo, do you have a link?
  3. Audi RS e-tron GT teased as 24 Hours of Spa pace car

    I don’t really get why Audi is allowed to keep 1-upping their sister company that is actually the performance company. I honestly don’t get it, happened with the Panamera vs RS7 and the RSQ8 vs Cayenne Turbo too
  4. A Bit Of A Drop (Lowering Links) And Some Spacers

    Looks great. cant wait to see it on the street. what camera did you use? Those pictures are so clear haha
  5. UK Taycan Insurance

    this is the average quote I get. Although, today I got quoted 1600 by admiral which is my best so far. Does anyone have any suggestions? My car arrives at the end of November, I’m 29 but turning 30 so I’m hoping that will do something haha
  6. How many of you would still own the Taycan if it wasn’t better for the environment than a combustion car?

    I bought it so that I don't have to pay for fuel in my daily driver :)
  7. BMW tri-motor

    That’s wheel torque so the number there is very misleading when it’s engine torque that is usually stated. Even a Dodge Demon has 14,000nm of wheel torque in first gear (about 10,000 pounds per foot)
  8. Latest Gift from Porsche

    Ahhh... it’s not just me then
  9. My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    Thank you so much. I love what you’ve done with the car. I look forward to seeing more!
  10. My Stormtrooper, the personalisation.

    Sorry if it’s already been posted, but can I have the link for this? Thanks
  11. "Big Butt" Taycan Cross Turismo Spotted While Charging

    I think this is the “Sport Turismo” and not the Cross a turismo
  12. UK Taycan Insurance

    I’m 29, anyone guess to quote how much mine is going to be
  13. Hill Descent Control or similar on Taycan?

    I think Porsche call it “braking” I’m just kidding, Porsche usually only offer HDC in the Cayenne from last experience driving their cars, as an SUV is usually the only time people use HDC. But rest assured, the regen should provide adequate braking so no massive reason to fear overheating...
  14. What did you negotiate on your Taycan lease agreements?

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the quote from?
  15. My Taycan 4s delivery ended bad

    What a nightmare . Hope it was all sorted ok.
  16. 2021 Taycan Changes & New Features — Official Announcement

    I have a hud on my new continental, I never actually look at it as I forget it’s there. It’s cool but It is actually unnecessary as you will end up looking at the dash and no one else will ever see it but the person in the driver seat
  17. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    I booked from Swindon, however I think that right-hand 4s’ are luckily just being built at that time
  18. So Glad I Bought This Option - Public charging cable (Type 2)

    Yeah, where I come from owning a hybrid I learned that not every charging point has a cable. However, I’d recommend getting it from amazon as you will save more than the Porsche option and get a longer cable.
  19. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    Around the same time as me. I was told October build for a 4s
  20. 21 inch wheels on 4S

    I was talking about the standard callipers not having a negative effect on efficiency.