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  1. Heating controls

    Oh that's great! And as for the voice control, I thought Wmras was joking at first till I realised that the car actually had voice control! Haha. What would you say if you wanted the heating to change positions i.e change from directing the heat from our legs to directing the heat on our...
  2. Heating controls

    I was on the motorway the other day (in my old car, the Taycan is still on order) and noticed that I was frequently changing the heating controls, it was easy to do whilst driving as I had physical buttons to press however I remembered that the Taycan has touchscreen buttons. Has anyone found...
  3. PCP vs Lease

    Yes that is the issue, both the dealer and VWFS said there is no VAT in the PCP payments and although MB finance took them to court and all of the accountants that I have spoken with have stated that there should be VAT on the payments, I don't think VWFS understand this yet! So I just decided...
  4. PCP vs Lease

    Did you manage to get the monthly VAT invoices which you had been requesting?
  5. A trip report - Santa Cruz to Thunderhill and back again

    Were you using the 93kwh model or the 79kwh?
  6. Width of the rear arch

    Ah 6 inches seems like a tight squeeze! Or Is that 6 inches on each side?
  7. Width of the rear arch

    Thank you, since the mirrors are the widest point on the car then I should be fine :)
  8. Reverse camera

    Ah no I see! I guess it is just something that I will have to get used to.
  9. Width of the rear arch

    I wanted to visualise how the car would be when going through my driveway as it is quite narrow and I noticed that the width of the Taycan is 214cm with the mirrors out based on I have fitted cars that were 209cm wide (measurements...
  10. Reverse camera

    Great thank you for that! Would you say that the reverse camera (when it is in the basic reverse view) is just as easy to understand as a normal cars reverse camera? Like it doesn't blur the objects etc?
  11. Reverse camera

    Hi, I was going to get the reverse camera option added but I decided to go for the surround view option instead as it will help out with my tight driveway. When I went on my test drive, I remember the reverse camera seemed very weird when I was trying to reverse into a parking bay as it was...
  12. PCP vs Lease

    Yes they gave me a contract hire price and it was just around £25 per month more than the PCP but you're right! But yeah, I think they get more commission from PCP as Porsche know that you might be tempted to trade your car in early for another model or they can persuade you to trade your car...
  13. PCP vs Lease

    Yes I thought I would believe the VWFS over the dealers too as it's the VWFS who are trained in this sector. I saw that Mercedes case too! I will call up VWFS tomorrow and confirm again. It's because I originally wanted to go with a contract hire company as their quote was only £1220 incl VAT...
  14. PCP vs Lease

    Haha yep that's the thing. A PCP is mostly a lease in disguise and when I called VWFS to ask whether the PCP monthly payments have VAT on them, they confirmed that they do but I've asked two Porsche dealerships about this and they say that there is no VAT on the PCP monthly payments! So I wonder...
  15. PCP vs Lease

    Hi Bootsie Sorry yes I meant to say BCP instead of PCP. However, in terms of VAT, that is the confusing thing. Porsche Financial Services said that the monthly payments will have VAT and my accountant said that the PCP/BCP should have VAT on the monthly payments too however my local Porsche...
  16. PCP vs Lease

    Thank you for sending that link, I had read the same about how we could claim 50% of the VAT too so I was confused when I saw the first answer. That's fine, I will speak to my accountant about it.
  17. PCP vs Lease

    Hi, Since some of the users on this forum also purchased their Taycan's for the tax benefits, I was hoping to get some advice and wondered whether it would be more tax efficient to purchase it under a PCP plan or on contract hire? The intention would be to give the car back at the end of the...
  18. Choosing chargers

    Thank you for your advice! I do appreciate it as I had been recommended both of those options however I will leave both now! As for the cable, thank you for suggesting that link. I will buy one of those too, I did think that there would be some places which would be selling it for half the price...
  19. Choosing chargers

    Hi I am configurating my Porsche online as I am ready to order it however I was wondering what these two choices meant? There is the 'Onboard DC charger 150kw' and then there is the 'Public charging cable (mode 3) ' For the public charging cable, would the chargers in the UK at the...
  20. Power Steering Plus

    Thanks for your replies guys! I appreciate the advice, I did think it would be a good workout haha. You have helped me to make up my mind.