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  1. Charging is not possible - Grounding device error

    I had the same issue until the software update. Since then, no problem.

    I have a Turbo and love it. You may not have it for 6 years, but the ceramic brakes are $30,000+ to replace!!
  3. Surprise Gift from Porsche

    I received the same yesterday.
  4. Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    The hold function works anytime. Just push harder on the brake pedal and "hold" appears in green on the center screen.
  5. Don’t curb the wheels!!

    I curbed my front right wheel much worse than yours. I had purchased the wheel in surname from Porsche and the dealer had a subcontractor wheel repair service come in while I waited and repaired the wheel to look like new. The repair guy did say that it took twice as long as typical due to the...
  6. Opinions on Olea Brown Interior

    Also, In pictures the red looks more red or pink than it actually is.
  7. Opinions on Olea Brown Interior

    I have the red leather with Dolomite silver. Love it. Thery told me they put the ceramic coating on the interior.?? I had the PPF on the entire car plus ceramic.
  8. Service campaign / software update notice

    I had the update done last week while my wheels were being repaired from my curbing. 2 hours and done. No problems
  9. Flat Tire in Carmel!

    My 2 passenger wheels were repaired this week and the result was amazing! Two hours and they look like new! I had the insurance so no cost, but the retail iOS $130/wheel. Not bad!
  10. I know its all personal preference but I was just wanting to get everyones thoughts on the Wheel options and

    I have a dolomite siler turbo with Mission E wheels. The wheels are awesome and IMHO are the best look on the car. I have seen the sport design from t end and don't care for it, but as you say, it's personal preference. I did get the spot design side skirts.
  11. Lost all driving aids today

    I just had the software update completed and had lost all driving aids also. Thought it was a bug, but no, the button turned them back on. Thanks!
  12. What happened to DC Fast Chargers at Porsche dealers?

    I drove my Taycan from Erie, Pa to Rochester and stopped at the dealer there to use their charger. It is the "fast" charger with two plugs, similar to the Electrify America chargers. Something wasn't right though. After 2 hours it went from 40% to 80%. Very slow. My dealer in Ohio does not...
  13. Charging is not possible - Grounding device error

    I've had the same message several times and my PMCC is not on an extension cord. I had an electrician wire directly from my electrical panel. It's strange because I plug the charger into the car and it charges fully, but then I get the same massage. Not every time though.
  14. Unable to login with Porsche ID

    Reg, That's what my car did when the "log in" option was finally available. After about 4 hours it finally took my info. Keep trying!
  15. Flat Tire in Carmel!

    Apparently the repair cost is only a couple hundred dollars per wheel. The dealer said a couple hours to repair. We'll see how it looks when they are done next week. I think the insurance is worth it though.
  16. Unable to login with Porsche ID

    I had the same issue. Is the green light on by the SOS switch (on the roof) or is it red? I tried everything I could think of for 5 days. Finally, after 5 days the "log in" option was available and I tried logging in but it still didn't work. After a drive to lunch I got a "map updated"...
  17. Flat Tire in Carmel!

    I seem to always curb a wheel in the first month of ownership of every car. Friday I stupidly went through a bank drive through lane that was narrow and managed to scrape both passenger wheels, the front worse than the rear, neither too bad. I did call the dealer and have an appointment. next...
  18. Serious Bug - No Porsche Account Showing

    I had the same issue. The dealer could not get the log in on the car to work when I picked it up. Trying to do a factory reset failed several times. I logged in as guest for several days. Finally, last Wednesday, I tried the log in again and the log in button was available although when I...