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    Boxster EV Rendering

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    Winter And Cold Temperature Weather EV Range Loss - % loss in popular models (chart) The list doesn't include the Taycan, but this gives a good overall view of how much you can expect to lose in range during the winter / cold weather.
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    Tesla Cybertruck and Semi announced with 1000-Volt Architecture + V4 Supercharging

    Just revealed at tonight's Tesla Semi-Truck event: Not a fan of the Cybertruck design but that's impressive specs.
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    2023 Taycan First Drive Review: Subtle Improvements [MotorTrend]

    2023 Porsche Taycan First Drive: Subtle Improvements Small changes will make a big difference for Taycan owners.
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    Tesla opens up their EV connector design to the world (North American Standard)

    Tesla is opening up their proprietary charging solution. I hope this will improve the CCS standard or Tesla will get more companies to to adapt to their standard.
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    EV Tires Education - Performance vs. Efficiency (by Motortrend)
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    Taycan Cross Country Trip Sets Record With Under 2.5 Hours Total Charging Time

    via: Porsche sent its Taycan EV cross-country to claim a 'charging time' record It was plugged in for 2 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds for an LA-to-NY trip. January 28, 2022 A standard 2021...
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    Mansory Porsche Taycan Program Announced

    MANSORY presents its customisation programme for the Porsche Taycan Since the beginning of June, MANSORY has been offering a completely newly developed customisation programme for all performance and drive variants of the all-electric Porsche Taycan, which includes three different areas of...
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    Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts Program For Taycan Turbo S Revealed

    ZYRUS Engineering uncovers eye-catching new carbon fiber for the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Norway, March 19th 2021 Zyrus Engineering uncovers the second phase of its eye-catching Carbon Fiber design package, this time for the Porsche Taycan Turbo S model. The Zyrus Carbon Fiber parts exaggerate...
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    VW considering Porsche IPO / spinoff VW Is Said to Weigh Listing of Porsche Sports-Car Division Volkswagen AG is considering a separate listing of its Porsche sports-car unit in a deal that could boost...
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    Taycan Drifting (Videos)

    Yes, she drifts :) More proof it's engineered with a focus on sporty driving experience.
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    Top Gear Taycan Review Porsche Taycan review: our first go in Tesla’s big rival Don’t tell me, another Taycan prototype passenger ride? Ah-ha! Wrong! This time we’ve actually driven the first all-electric Porsche on actual public roads. Full disclosure – it was...
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    Where will you be charging - at work, work or?

    Just saw this new section, I'll start! What will your charging habits be? Will most of you be charging - at home or at work? Anyone hoping to have an Electrify America charger pop up around them or at a close dealership so you can mostly charge for free? I'm personally hoping that my local...
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    Any track plans for your Taycan?

    Seeing the Taycan on the Nurburgring so often makes me wonder how many actual production Taycans will see a track. Anyone have any plans to track their Taycans even just once? I'll be doing it at least once just for curiosity sake. Obviously it'll be a porker in weight but I'm real curious to...
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    Will there be Taycan S and Taycan GTS?

    I asked this in the renders thread but thought I'd ask in separate thread - so will there be a Taycan, Taycan S and Taycan GTS like the rest of the Porsche models? I know not to expect a Turbo or a GT model :)